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May 1, 2024

Monthly Highlights: End the School Year Strong with Pear Deck Learning

As we approach the end of another school year, Pear Deck Learning is excited to unveil a suite of innovative features designed to empower educators and elevate student learning experiences. Let's dive into what's new and explore how these updates can transform your classroom.

Pear Deck 

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month

Pear Deck has released new content, featuring ready-to-teach lessons that illuminate the vibrant stories, history, and contributions of Asian American Pacific Islander communities. Explore the curated collection and share your favorite lessons with your students to celebrate the rich heritage of AAPI communities together.

Mental Health Awareness Month

This May, for Mental Health Awareness Month, Pear Deck has teamed up with ClickView to provide engaging resources that make teaching social, emotional, life and mental health (SEL) skills easier than ever. Explore the curated collection in the Content Orchard and empower your students to thrive.

New NGPF ready-to-teach lessons available

Pear Deck and Next Gen Personal Finance (NGPF) have joined forces to help students learn real-world skills with top-notch lessons, now available in the Content Orchard. 

NGPF’s entire Semester Course is now available through Pear Deck. By integrating Pear Deck’s interactive presentation platform with NGPF’s comprehensive curriculum, these lessons transform the learning experience, making complex financial topics accessible and engaging. 

Read more about Pear Deck's partnership with NGPF

Pear Assessment 

New for administrators

Admins have enhanced control over accommodations and improved data access. Districts can define the level at which teachers can adjust accommodations, ensuring a consistent approach that meets individual student needs. 

Additionally, the Insights-Only role grants access to assessment data for specific personnel like school psychologists and counselors, facilitating data-driven decision-making and personalized student support. 

New for teachers

Teachers can select the best scoring attempt for each student, effortlessly convert Google Forms into Pear Assessment quizzes, and efficiently merge unit quizzes into comprehensive assessments. These features save valuable time and simplify workflows, allowing teachers to focus on what matters most: personalized learning and student success.

Ready to transform your assessments? Explore Pear Assessment’s latest releases. 

Pear Deck Tutor

In March, we released integrations to support teacher-initiated tutoring across Pear Deck Tutor, Pear Assessment, and GoGuardian Teacher. 

New to Pear Deck Tutor? Learn about teacher-initiated tutoring and how these integrations can support differentiated learning in your schools. 

Pear Practice

Simple Session Join

We've simplified the Pear Practice Session Join Code screen for teachers and students. Designed to make it simpler for students to join a session, the new Session Join flow ensures the join code is always visible to students and allows them to edit their avatar while waiting in the lobby for a session to start. 

Get ready to start your own practice session. 

Search Suggestions

Finding relevant content quickly is one of the most effective ways to help teachers save time when preparing for a lesson or assignment. Now in Pear Practice, when teachers search for Practice Sets from the Teacher Home or the Public Library, they’ll see a list of suggested popular searches, allowing them to quickly select the most relevant option.

Instant Sets

Create a Practice Set in seconds from any of your existing materials. Just snap a photo, upload a PDF, or link a website, and voila! Instant Sets just revolutionized how quickly you can transform any of your existing content into a Pear Practice Practice Set.

Get started with Pear Practice and turn practice into play. 

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