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Visualize progress, drive outcomes

Pear Deck Learning’s Data Studio gives educators a holistic view of learning to shape data-driven strategies for student success. See Pear Deck Learning reporting alongside external sources to inform MTSS/RTI planning at the district, school, and student level.
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Pear Assessment Data Studio Performance Level application screenshot.

See assessment data over time, regardless of source

Proactively identify the strengths and needs of all students by viewing Pear Assessment and external testing data together in a super easy way. Filter reporting by schools, demographics, specific tests, and more.

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Survey says...

Send Likert scaled surveys from Pear Assessment to gain valuable insights from students. Then, use the Survey Report in Data Studio to review the collected responses.

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Pear Assessment Data Studio screenshot.

Set and monitor goals
and interventions

Both academic and attendance milestones are better defined using the Goals and Interventions reports. Time frames. Proficiency thresholds. Data Studio makes it easy to see which students the goal or intervention applies to.

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The sooner you know,
the quicker you can act

The Early Warning Report allows districts to configure custom risk bands (high, medium, or low) based on their attendance, performance, as well as non-academic factors. There are clear visualizations which show point-in-time and changes over time, too.

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Pear Assessment Data Studio Risk panel screenshot.
Pear Assessment Data Studio Insights screenshot.

All of the data, all in one place

The Data Studio Dashboard is the hub of all your data. Attendance data. Distribution of academic performance. Standards mastery. High-level academic and risk levels. All easy to view, all in one place.

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