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Engaging instruction and powerful practice

Bring standards-aligned content to life and offer students real-time feedback when you combine Pear Deck and Pear Practice for daily instruction.
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Pear Deck
Pear Practice
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Interactive learning meets engaging lessons

Ready-to-use, interactive Pear Deck lessons get a boost with the power of matching standards-aligned Practice Sets in Pear Practice, so students actively reinforce what they learn.

Use Pear Deck to engage students in a topic, then launch the accompanying Practice Set with Pear Practice for a seriously seamless learning experience.

Learn and practice with standards-aligned content

Enhance teacher-student interaction with real-time feedback and instruction in Pear Deck, and reinforce growth mindset and collaboration via gamified, differentiated practice with Pear Practice.

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"I don't feel like I teach like a normal teacher. I want kids up and moving, interacting. I needed something that was going to create that kind of environment for learning, reviewing, and assessment"
Tyler Brown. 6th Grade English Teacher
Philadelphia, New York

Interactive lessons, powered by practice

Explore Pear Deck Learning's tools for engaging instruction and differentiated practice.
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Pear Deck

Pear Deck encourages student engagement

  • Design, assign, and deliver engaging lessons all from one dashboard.
  • Engage students with dynamic, standards-aligned interactive lessons.
  • Support teacher efficacy with high-impact, active-learning solutions.
  • Use real-time formative assessments to adjust instruction.
  • Students can respond to interactive prompts and engage with peers.

Pear Practice

Pear Practice offers tailored learning paths

  • Utilize engaging gamified features, differentiated practices, and standards-aligned content.
  • Create standards-aligned Practice Sets for extra practice specific to each student’s score.
  • Customize learning paths for classroom settings with groups working together, or individual practice outside of the classroom.
  • See aggregated performance data about student’s standards-mastery across all of their Pear Practice activity — from in-class assignments to independent practice.
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