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Pear Practice

Certified learning that's certifiably fun

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'Correct +100 points' Pear Practice notification.
'Correct +100 points' Pear Practice notification.

Pear Practice

Gamified collaboration

Use gamification elements like customizable avatars, seasons, and collaborative experiences to captivate student interest, promote collaboration, and build supportive classroom communities.

sample Pear Assessment question card.
sample Pear Assessment question card.

Pear Assessment

Assessments & test prep

Allows educators to easily track standards mastery and analyze instant access data with intuitive reports. Then build student testing confidence through practice that simulates the state testing experience.

example Pear Practice insights card.
example Pear Practice insights card.

Pear Assessment

Data warehousing

A simple, visual interface gives school leaders an approachable, intuitive experience to gain insights into grade, classroom, and student sub-group needs in order to make data-driven decisions about student or teacher support.

student on a video call.
student on a video call.

Pear Deck Tutor

Personalized 1:1 support

Provide each of your students with access to the active learning experience of a live, 1:1 tutoring session. Offer flexibility in methods and languages, so each session can be optimized for each student’s unique way of processing information.

Who uses Pear Deck Learning?


For teachers, the right tools and support mean less time spent on paperwork and more time spent shaping young minds.

Schools & Districts

Give administrators the ability to gather school and district-wide insights, deliver benchmarks, and ensure students are ready for state tests.


The right tutor can change the course of a student's future. If you're passionate about tutoring, we want to hear from you.

What educators are saying about Pear Deck Learning

"Pear Deck Learning tools have so many great features that elevate new ways of teaching. They help us assist students in a way that was not possible before."
Jim O'Boyle, Director of Technology
Hamilton Township District
"Most importantly, Pear Deck Learning’s attention to data privacy makes our students’ families feel safer."
Dave Peterson, IT Coordinator
Sunnyside School District
"Kids are more receptive to what interests them, so Pear Deck Learning gives teachers the chance to plan ahead for every student."
Patricia Colden, Instructional Technology Sup
Lee County Schools
“Having one platform that can help with the delivery of instruction and facilitate structured retrieval practice will be incredibly convenient and save time.”
Paul West, Coach of Innovative Learning
Tempe Elementary School District

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