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Pear Practice
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The best of collaboration and differentiation — in one

Pear Practice offers collaborative game experiences for classrooms, plus personalized learning tracks for solo practice, giving every student a chance to succeed.
students playing Pear Practice.
'+100 points Correct! practice together, win together!' Pear Practice card.

Engaging live class sessions

Exploring the games in Pear Practice gives students opportunities to earn rewards, boosting engagement and driving motivation to learn more.

Differentiated practice

Pear Practice empowers teachers to provide differentiated practice and instruction opportunities to students.

Pear Practice explain card, student in thought.
Pear Practice example content title cards.

Ready-to-go content

Access K-12 Math and ELA standards-aligned premium content that’s rigorous, relevant, and culturally diverse.

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Explore dynamic presentation features, quality content, and more.

Schools & Districts

Accelerate learning with real-time feedback, collaborative classrooms, and more.

“I love that students who were previously reluctant to participate are more excited to participate because they're part of a team.”
Cecelia Gilliam, Science Teacher
Hahnville High School

Real-time data for everyday instruction

Use Pear Deck to introduce new concepts interactively and Pear Practice to follow up with related Practice Sets, ensuring students reinforce their learning in an engaging way.

Pear Deck + Pear Practice

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