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A Pear Deck Learning Certified Coach is an educator who is passionate about leaving a legacy and transforming the lives of students.
An elite group of individuals, our Certified Coaches have all completed in-depth Coach training and mastered skills pertinent in the learning journey, including the power to assess, tutor, engage, and/or practice.
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Pear Deck Certified Coaches are an elite group of educators who have been trained in the best practices of Pear Deck’s student engagement platform to tailor lessons ensuring powerful learning moments for every student, every day. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality, and dives deep into the five pedagogical domains that inform Pear Deck’s Teaching Truths.

Pear Assessment Certified Coaches are passionate educators who regularly model best Pear Assessment practices to gain data-driven insights, assess and instruct students, and measure and analyze student data. Training in this program goes beyond basic features and functionality, diving deep into the assessment, instruction, and data analysis practices to track and monitor student learning and growth effectively.

Pear Practice Certified Coaches are a dynamic group of educators who believe in the power of gamified learning. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality, and dives deep into standards-aligned content, fostering student collaboration, and nurturing a growth mindset to accelerate learning through differentiated practice.

Pear Deck Tutor Certified Coaches are committed educators dedicated to implementing evidence-based strategies to enhance student success. This training delves into the integration of on-demand access to personalized tutoring, bridging the learning support gap, and empowering educators to support all students effectively to reach their educational objectives.

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Share the Pear

We love when passionate educators want to share the power of Pear Deck and Pear Practice (newly launched!) with others!

Here’s how it works:

  • Decide what type of training you're interested in.
  • Tell us a little bit about who you are, where and when you plan to host your Share the Pear event.
  • We’ll provide you with facilitation materials to make your event great! This includes training decks, Premium trial codes, swag, and customizable invites to share with attendees.
  • Then you'll earn a Shared the Pear achievement badge!
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Peary Good Works

Peary Good Works is a giving program designed to show our support for the extra good work that teachers do. The idea is simple: you tell us what you need and, if your project is selected, we’ll support you with a donation.

Our hope is that this program will raise awareness around the gaps in school funding while directly helping teachers and students. Here’s how it works:

Share your Project with Peary Good Works