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Spark curiosity and drive positive outcomes

Learning is more than studying and retaining knowledge. It’s about cultivating students’ natural curiosity and imagination so they can delight in everyday discoveries and feel inspired to keep exploring.

Pear Deck Learning was designed alongside educators and informed by learning science to spark students’ interest in the endless possibilities of education — and drive positive outcomes.

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Created with educators, supported by science

Our tools use proven strategies and best practices to shrink achievement gaps and improve outcomes for students from every walk of life. Members of our Innovation Incubator — comprised of 100+ teachers, 5,600 students, and 55 districts across 22 states — test our products in their classrooms and provide invaluable feedback, informing the design and development of all we do.


Pear Deck and Pear Practice have earned product certifications from Digital Promise, recognition that is intended to serve as a reliable signal for educators, administrators, and families looking for evidence that edtech products are based in learning research and support the unique needs of their learners.

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2022-2023 State of Engagement Report

GoGuardian and USC Rossier School of Education Center EDGE are proud to announce the release of our 4th State of Engagement Report — an in-depth look at the factors influencing student engagement in K-12 classrooms.

As educators know, students learn best when they’re engaged and motivated to learn. But what methods are most effective in achieving that? We asked more than 1,400 teachers — and while some responses may confirm what you already know, others may surprise you!

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"Teachers' Practices of Engaging Students" GoGuardian '23-'23 State of Engagement Report Cover.
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Designing effective ed tech

In a world of digital distractions, every ed tech solution should be committed to proven design principles. Dr. Gloria Mark and Dr. Philip Janowicz delve into the intricate world of K-5 digital education in their pioneering research, which we’ve distilled into critical insights.

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Our commitments


At the core of our product philosophy is a dedication to efficacy, ensuring impactful solutions for administrators, teachers, students, and families. Guided by learning science and comprehensive research, our products are continuously assessed for real-world impact, driving ongoing improvements to better serve the needs of students and teachers.


The Pear Deck Learning ecosystem is governed by comprehensive and transparent data privacy protections, covering the collection, use, sharing, and disclosure of information. Centered on people — administrators, teachers, students, and parents — we craft solutions that bridge the technical and human aspects of implementation to safeguard user privacy and security.


Equity is essential for a future where every learner thrives. From product inception to implementation, our products support users across diverse backgrounds and experiences, addressing every student and educator's unique needs.