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Pear Assessment
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Put every student on the path to success

Pear Assessment is a versatile platform that combines ease-of-use with the customization required to deploy common assessments at scale.
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sample Pear Assessment dashboards.sample Pear Assessment dashboards.

Visualize progress, drive outcomes

Pear Assessment's Data Studio gives educators a holistic view of learning to shape data-driven strategies for student success. See Pear Assessment reporting alongside external academic and non-academic data sources to inform MTSS planning at the district, school, and student level.

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Keep students engaged with video-based assessments

Introducing Video Quiz, our exciting, new assignment format that turns your favorite YouTube videos into formative assessments.

Questions are created by you or by A.I., then are simply placed on the video timeline. You can also see reports alongside other assessment results in Pear Assessment. It’s easy and engaging for both students and teachers alike.

You help students. We help you.


Explore dynamic presentation features, quality content, and more.

Schools & Districts

Accelerate learning with real-time feedback, collaborative classrooms, and more.

"I use Pear Assessment for weekly assessments and daily exit tickets. Student enjoy using their devices and the tech enhanced questions to show what they know. It also prepares them for state testing, so they are comfortable with the format."
Brandie Schroeder, 5th grade Science, Social Studies, Math
ELA Central Elementary School
Pear Assessment + Pear Deck Tutor product bundle.

Real-time insights for around-the-clock tutoring

Pair the data-driven insights, automated grading, and instant reports of Pear Assessment with personalized tutoring and real-time progress monitoring of Pear Deck Tutor.

This combination allows educators to understand their students' progress in real-time, and provide immediate, personalized 1:1 tutoring support.

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