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Around-the-clock tutoring

Pear Deck Tutor helps schools, districts, colleges, and universities deliver better personalized learning experiences. We connect learners with the right tutors at the right time, creating better outcomes for everyone.
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Expert tutors in every subject

Pear Deck Tutor replicates all the best parts of in-person tutoring — including the ability to connect face-to-face through opt-in audio and video.

Time to put your area of expertise to work

Somewhere there's a student that needs your 1:1 help. Pear Deck Tutor is reimagining the way students access and receive high-quality, personalized tutoring. Join our community of tutors and make a real difference in the lives of students around the country.

“Pear Deck Tutor will allow our students of all ages to have on-call help when needed, and give each student the opportunity to thrive in any subject matter.”
Kevin Voepel, Secondary Math Teacher
Ferguson-Florissant School District
Pear Assessment + Pear Deck Tutor product bundle.

Provide real-time student feedback

Pair the data-driven insights, automated grading, and instant reports of Pear Assessment with personalized tutoring and real-time progress monitoring of Pear Deck Tutor.

This combination allows educators to understand their students' progress in real-time, and provide immediate, personalized 1:1 tutoring support.

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