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Advance educational outcomes for all students

Pear Deck Learning provides an ecosystem of tools for schools and districts to enhance student achievement, streamline teacher workload, and support personalized education.
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Pear Assessment

Make assessments simple

The complete assessment solution embraced by teachers and administrators alike.
  • Create a consistent experience across classrooms.
  • Sustainable adoption allows for more data to be collected for review.
  • Help teachers make data-informed decisions about instruction.
  • Allows for consolidation of tools.
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Pear Deck

Get students more engaged

Provide real-time student feedback, differentiated instruction, and tailored lessons that result in impactful, engaging teacher-student interactions.
  • Promote active, collaborative learning environments.
  • Help teachers make data-driven decisions about lessons.
  • Support teacher efficacy with high-impact, active-learning solutions.
  • Help teachers support the diverse needs of each student.
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Pear Practice

Create engaging, equitable, and differentiated practice

Turn practice into play with ready-to-launch, standards-aligned content and paths for differentiation.
  • Supercharge student progress toward mastery.
  • Support differentiated practice in your district.
  • Robust reporting helps drive real results.
  • Empower teachers with time-saving features and content.
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Pear Deck Tutor

Bridge student learning gaps with 1:1 tutor support

Provide on-demand access to personalized tutoring that can close the learning support gap and enhance teacher impact.
  • Offer precision support for students across all subject matters.
  • Help relieve teachers of being the sole provider of differentiated instruction.
  • Encourage better outcomes by making high-impact tutoring available to all.
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“Pear Deck increased attention and upped student engagement. I was able to give voice to all of my students at once. This is why Pear Deck became a staple of my classroom!”
Nicholas Amaral
Ramapo Indian Hills Regional School District
Schools & Districts

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