We’re now Pear Deck Learning!

The assessment tool for any subject or grade level

Pear Assessment keeps assessment simple and approachable for teachers and gives district leaders control to ensure test settings and accommodations to support testing objectives.
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Create engaging assessments

Pear Assessment gives teachers and PLCs a range of tools to engage students, ask robust questions, and assess student knowledge.

Support standardized test preparation

With Pear Assessment’s standardized testing tools, you can feel confident that you’ve prepared students to navigate the testing environment and showcase everything they know!

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Time-saving assessment tools for your teachers

Introducing Video Quiz, our exciting, new assignment format that turns your favorite YouTube videos into formative assessments.

Questions are created by you or by A.I., then are simply placed on the video timeline. You can also see reports alongside other assessment results in Pear Assessment. It’s easy and engaging for both students and teachers alike.

Access standards-aligned content

For assessments in the classroom, school, or district, the Pear Assessment Certified item bank includes more than 20,000 standards-aligned questions from popular and reliable open education resources, state-released items, and our team of experts.

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