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August 15, 2023

Introducing Video Quiz: Elevate Your Classroom Engagement and Assessment Game

Introducing Video Quiz - a tool to elevate your classroom engagement and assessment game! We are thrilled to preview an exciting solution to help teachers engage students with a new format for assessing mastery in Pear Deck Assessment (formerly, Edulastic). Video Quiz is a simple way to turn any video into  a captivating formative assessment, tailored to your classroom needs — all within Pear Deck Assessment's industry-leading assessment platform.

Engage with video

Video Quiz empowers teachers to create engaging, self-paced assignments using any video, whether it's a favorite YouTube clip or other hosted content. With Video Quiz, educators can seamlessly integrate videos into their instruction and assessment processes, fostering focused, interactive experiences for learners. Teachers will also benefit from real-time reports within Pear Deck Assessment, alongside other assignments. We're taking learning to the next level, combining the power of engaging technology with the art of instruction.

How it works 

Turn any video into a formative assessment that aligns perfectly with your lesson plans. You have the freedom to choose the segment of the video, add timestamps for questions, and select question formats such as multiple-choice, short answer, and more.

Auto generate prompt on Video Quiz

Time-Saving Automations: With the AI add-on for question generation, Video Quiz can automatically create tech-enhanced questions aligned to standards, depth of knowledge, and difficulty levels. Generated questions will be time stamped at the appropriate moment in the video. Of course, teachers will have the ability to review and edit before assigning.

Play button over a video quiz question

A Learner-Centric Video Experience: Video Quiz creates a focused environment for students with the help of Youtube Player for Education, providing an ad-free, tracking-free, and recommendation-free experience when watching videos.

Share video quizzes across your entire department

Collaboration at the core. Video Quizzes, like other tests and assignments in Pear Deck Assessment, can be shared across the department, so teachers and students across classes can engage with the same video experience.

Unleash your creativity

Here are a few use-case examples innovative Pear Deck Assessment educators have shared with us, demonstrating how Video Quiz can be applied in a variety of different subjects.

1. Science Adventures: Take your students on a scientific journey by dragging questions over geological formations in a video frame. Challenge them to identify materials and foster their scientific curiosity. Enjoy access to a pre-made content library of over 100+ educational videos.

2. Language Studies: Immerse your students in the targeted language by choosing a video in that language and posing questions around its content. This approach enhances students’ language skills in a fun and interactive way.

3. Poetry and Theater:  Explore the world of literature by selecting a segment from a play or poem and asking thought-provoking questions around themes, structures, and characters. Experience the power of storytelling in your classroom.

4. Instructional Continuity: On days when you can't be present in the classroom, record and upload your own video lesson. Use Video Quiz to construct questions for specific moments in the video, ensuring your students stay on track with your familiar voice and face, even when you're away.

Video Quiz features

Check out some of the key highlights of Video Quiz:

  • Video Quiz Showcase: a library of 100+ science content with different question types and drawing tools
  • Youtube Search: search for Youtube videos on a subject from within Pear Assessment and use those videos for assignments
  • Prevent Skipping: Prevent students from skipping with the Test Settings tab

Try Video Quiz

Teachers on a paid Pear Assessment plan access Video Quiz for a free trial. Teachers can create 10 free Video Quizzes before needing to add Video Quiz to their plan. Log into your Pear Assessment to test out Video Quiz or sign up for your account.

Contact Us to Schedule a Demo

Excited to dive into the world of Video Quiz? 

Reach out to our team and schedule a personalized demo to see how Video Quiz can transform your teaching and benefit your students.


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