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Video Quiz is a simple, effective tool that’s integrated into your primary assessment platform. Choose your favorite video in Pear Assessment, add questions, and assign. It’s great for homework assignments, quizzes, or just a fun way to keep the class engaged.
characterization of a video quiz player overlay with an example pop-up question
example video quiz pop-up question and example student response card.

Easy for educators, 
engaging for students

If you have an educational video you want to show your class, then Video Quiz is the perfect way to do so. Already integrated into Pear Assessment, Video Quiz not only allows you to prepare video-based assessments with ease, it also adds some fun and variety to your instruction.

Bring class into focus

Keeping students engaged can be challenging, even when it comes to simply having them watch a video. Thankfully, we have the solution.

students typing on computers in a classroom.
sample video quiz auto generate quiz menu.

As easy as pressing play

We wanted to provide a valuable resource for your classrooms, to empower you to be the best you can be. But we didn’t want to complicate things in the process. That’s why we’ve made Video Quiz so easy to use. Here's how:

“I was very impressed with the Video Quiz and the AI Question Generator. The quality of the questions aligned perfectly with the selected standards. The possibilities are endless. I can see this as a game changer for differentiated instruction and student engagement.”
Amanda Hilt, 5th and 6th Grade Literature Teacher
Carbondale, Illinois

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