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Pear Deck

Give every student a reason to engage

Pear Deck is an interactive presentation platform that enhances teacher-student interaction, offering real-time feedback and personalized instruction.
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Encourage engagement and active learning

Created by educators and tested in thousands of real-world classrooms, Pear Deck makes it easy for teachers to create active, collaborative learning environments.

Pear Deck example question slide.
Pear Deck feedback example, smiling teacher.

Provide real-time student feedback

Assess understanding on the spot, foster personalized feedback loops, and craft tailored learning experiences for every student.

You help students. We help you.


Explore dynamic presentation features, quality content, and more.

Schools & Districts

Accelerate learning with real-time feedback, collaborative classrooms, and more.

“When the students are participating through the interactive slides, they are taking ownership of their own learning.”
Jessica Schwab, 6th Grade Teacher
Greenwood Middle School

Real-time data for everyday instruction

Use Pear Deck to introduce new concepts interactively and Pear Practice to follow up with related Practice Sets, ensuring students reinforce their learning in an engaging way.

Pear Deck + Pear Practice

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