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Back to School: Wheels Up!

As you enter the cockpit, you may notice that some of your controls look a little different. We’ve made some changes to your presenter tools to help you navigate smoothly through any technical turbulence - plus takeoff will be smoother than ever with a redesigned Join Screen experience!

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Gearing Up for the School Year

Engaging every student and quickly assessing their current understanding of a topic or lesson is an ongoing challenge in the classroom. We created Pear Deck to give educators real, easy-to-use, tools to meet this challenge. As we gear up for the school year, I wanted to go over some simple, creative ways you can insert Formative Assessments into any lesson with Pear Deck.

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#BackToSchool With Pear Deck

Summer is over and we’re all gearing up for the new school year. Here at Pear Deck we’re very lucky, the new school year means even more opportunities to support our amazing community of passionate and inspired educators. Our goal is to give you the tools to achieve 100% student engagement every day. We’ve been hard at work this summer to create a ton of new features that make Pear Deck even better! As we all ramp up for the new school year, here are some of my favorite new additions and things to look forward to this Fall.

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