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March 4, 2024

How to Become a Pear Deck Learning Certified Coach

Your favorite suite of classroom tools for teaching and learning just got that much sweeter with the Pear Deck Learning Certified Coach Training program. 

What is a Pear Deck Learning Certified Coach?

We are glad you asked!

A Pear Deck Learning Certified Coach is an educator who is passionate about leaving a legacy and transforming the lives of students. An elite group of individuals, our Certified Coaches have all completed in-depth training and mastered skills pertinent to the learning journey, including the power to assess, tutor, engage, and/or practice.

Certified Coach Training is highly sought-after by educators seeking to become experts and advocates for Pear Deck Learning tools. Think of it as leveling up a professional development superpower by equipping educators with pedagogy, implementation strategies, and confidence to excel with all Pear Deck Learning tools.

Photo of pear deck coaches holding pearys
Pear Deck Coaches celebrating their learning with Peary.

Fresh new training programs

We are proud to announce the launch of all four of our Pear Deck Learning Coach programs, which include: 

  • Pear Deck Certified Coaches: An elite group of educators who have been trained in the best practices of Pear Deck’s student engagement platform to tailor lessons that ensure powerful learning moments for every student, every day. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality and dives deep into the five pedagogical domains that inform Pear Deck’s Teaching Truths.
  • Pear Assessment Certified Coaches (formerly Edulastic): Passionate educators who regularly model best Pear Assessment practices to gain data-driven insights, assess and instruct students, and measure and analyze student data. Training in this program goes beyond basic features and functionality, diving deep into assessment, instruction, and data analysis practices to track and monitor student learning and growth effectively.
  • Pear Practice Certified Coaches (formerly Giant Steps): A dynamic group of educators who believe in the power of gamified learning. This training goes beyond basic features and functionality, and dives deep into standards-aligned content, fostering student collaboration, and nurturing a growth mindset to accelerate learning through differentiated practice.
  • Pear Deck Tutor Certified Coaches (formerly TutorMe): Committed educators dedicated to implementing evidence-based strategies to enhance student success. This training delves into the integration of on-demand access to personalized tutoring, bridging the learning support gap, and empowering educators to support all students effectively to reach their educational objectives.
“Pear Deck's coaching modules are a game-changer for any educator seeking to enhance their ability to provide meaningful professional learning on the platform. The tasks and activities provide a wealth of creative ideas and strategies that will boost engagement and participation among students. Moreover, the comprehensive content and practical examples in the coursework effectively prepare individuals to become skilled trainers, equipping them with the tools and knowledge to effectively support and empower other educators in implementing Pear Deck in their classrooms.” - Alex, Educational Technology District Specialist and Former Math Teacher
Coach community group photo
Pear Deck Coaches Community

Educators join and complete a selected Coach program of their choosing at their convenience through Northpass, our learning platform. 

No need to sign up ahead of time - enroll anytime, anywhere! Once enrolled, you’ll complete a series of training modules that go beyond basic features and functionality and dive into exploring product-specific learning science and instructional best practices, implementation strategies at the classroom, school, and/or district level, and advanced features and settings. 

Educators complete each Coach training program by submitting an artifact specific to their selected Coach track that will provide them the opportunity to put their new learnings and skills into practice.

What’s in it for me?

By participating in the Certified Coach program, you’ll receive: 

  • A Certified Coach badge and professional development certificate to showcase their expertise and dedication
  • Access to an exclusive Slack community to network with peers and share best practices.
  • Potential to earn Continuing Education credits through Loyola Marymount University
  • A Coach newsletter to stay up to date with community events, program announcements, and other exciting news. 

Additionally, educators graduating from the Coach training are an empowered force of their own. These change-makers often work to support their colleagues and school leaders in the implementation of Pear Deck Learning tools in their schools by acting as product experts leading training, troubleshooting and finding solutions independently, and even opening up their classroom doors for other educators to see the tools in action. 

They strive to share their joy and knowledge as a Pear Deck Learning Coach at their schools and even at conferences and other special events.

Be part of a community of educators 

Becoming a Coach extends outside of the Coach modules and learnings and becomes a community that advocates as our boots on the ground. Not only are they advocates of our products, but true lifelong friends. 

We partner with some of the biggest companies, including Google for Education, and extend the offer to present with us to our Coaches because their voices are the ones that need to be heard. 

There is no better way to share brand awareness than through a group of dedicated educators with the same mission: Helping every student, every day.

Ready to become a Pear Deck Learning coach? 

Learn about becoming a Pear Deck Learning Coach and take the next step in your coaching journey. 


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