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March 21, 2024

How Pear Deck Learning Pioneers Responsible AI Integration in Education Technology

With artificial intelligence (AI) becoming a buzzphrase that carries such a negative connotation, what many are missing is how its integration into edtech will become paramount in shaping the learning experience for students of the future. Pear Deck Learning (a GoGuardian company) is at the forefront of this transformation, leveraging AI to revolutionize classroom interactions and enhance student learning outcomes.

Recently, Teddy Hartman, Head of Privacy & Trust at Pear Deck Learning, had the opportunity to showcase the company's innovative approach at the Bipartisan Senate AI Caucus event focused on AI in K-12 Education. Hartman's insights shed light on Pear Deck Learning's commitment to responsible AI implementation and its dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of education.

How AI can engage learners 

During the event, Hartman emphasized Pear Deck Learning's mission to provide educators with tools that foster engaging and interactive learning experiences while upholding stringent privacy standards. He highlighted the company's responsible design principles, which prioritize student privacy and data protection. Hartman stated Pear Deck Learning aims to demystify AI in the classroom, showcasing how it can be harnessed for positive educational outcomes.

One of the key features Hartman discussed was the Explain feature in Pear Practice, which allows students to discover the reasoning behind answers in real-time. By incorporating AI, Pear Deck enables personalized learning experiences, catering to the individual needs of learners while promoting critical thinking and deeper understanding.

A graphic depicting the Pear Practice Explain Button

Using AI to support differentiated learning 

Hartman also demonstrated Pear Deck Tutor's Tutor Match Pal feature, illustrating how AI can facilitate adaptive learning by generating tailored questions based on students' responses. This functionality not only enhances engagement but also provides teachers with valuable insights into student comprehension and progress.

A graphic depicting the Pear Deck Tutor Tutor Match Pal

AI implementation in education 

Throughout the presentation, Hartman emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability in AI implementation. By providing Senate staff with a firsthand glimpse into Pear Deck Learning's AI-driven solutions, he aimed to dispel misconceptions and highlight the positive impact of technology on education.

Reflecting on the event, Hartman expressed pride in Pear Deck Learning's role as a responsible player in the education technology space. He underscored the company's ongoing efforts to lead by example, setting high standards for privacy and trust while embracing the potential of AI to transform learning experiences

Being part of the future of AI in education 

As Pear Deck Learning continues to innovate and evolve, its commitment to leveraging AI for the good of its customers and the enhancement of student learning remains unwavering. Pear Deck Learning's integration of AI represents a paradigm shift in educational technology, unlocking new possibilities for personalized and engaging learning experiences. With a steadfast dedication to responsible innovation, Pear Deck Learning is poised to use AI for the good of all the students, teachers, and administrators it serves.


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