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June 22, 2020

Introducing Pear Deck Pop-Up Activities

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Pear Deck Team

Introducing Pear Deck Pop-Up Activities

With speed and spontaneity in mind,
we’ve created a whole new way to create powerful engagement — Pop-Up Activities!

Pop-Up Activities are the fastest way to get students to process, retrieve, and reflect during activities of any type.
No time to prep? No problem! Pop-Up Activities give you an instant array of flexible, effective teaching
prompts like bell ringers and exit tickets that work with a variety of topics and activity types.

Pear Deck lessons made with Google Slides or PowerPoint are awesome, but we can't always anticipate teachable moments. When we need to engage students on the fly, Pear Pop is here to help, during any activity, anytime.

  • Need a minute at the beginning of class?
    Pop-Up a bell ringer!
  • Not sure if students are understanding the activity’s key insights?
    Take a five-minute break for a one- or two-question Pop-Up Activity and gauge comprehension!
  • A student asks a great question and you want everyone to think and discuss?
    Pop-Up a prompt and Think-Pair-Share!
  • On a field trip?
    Don’t let the learning moments slip away — Pop-Up an activity and prompt reflection on the way home!

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Pop-Up Activities are an exciting new way to use Pear Deck’s tried and true features. During a Pop-Up Activity session you’ll still have access to the powerful Teacher Dashboard where you can see student responses in real time, use the Timer and Lock Screens, and add prompts as you go using the New Prompt button.

Pear Deck Pop-Up Activities are available to Pear Deck Premium users.
For more information about using Pop-Up Activities, check out our
Knowledge Base article.

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Pear Deck Team

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