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May 31, 2022

Four Reasons to Integrate Your LMS With Pear Deck

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Pear Deck Team

Illustration of a teacher holding a pen surrounded by the logos of Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Google Classroom, and Schoology

Your LMS helps keep educators and students organized, efficient, and on task. That’s why we’ve designed Pear Deck to seamlessly integrate with commonly-used systems — to help you deliver engaging content in an efficient way.

First, let’s take a look at which Learning Management Systems work with Pear Deck.

  • Google Classroom
  • Schoology
  • Canvas
  • Microsoft Teams

Why should I enable Pear Deck in my LMS?

Whether you’re teaching kindergarten or high school, having one centralized location for all of your digital resources saves you — and your students — precious instructional time.

It establishes a single access point to organize and share digital resources. Students can view lesson materials, complete coursework, collaborate with peers, and receive feedback from teachers.

Pear Deck in Canvas

You can direct students to automatically join Pear Deck lessons from the LMS.  That means no join code needed! Just one click and students are in.

Pear Deck on Microsoft Teams

You can add Pear Deck lessons (Student-Paced or Instructor-Paced) directly into course materials. Sharing your Pear Deck student link is even easier when you can put it directly into assignments and syllabuses — allowing you to get right to teaching!

Pear Deck in Schoology

It keeps Pear Deck Session participants limited to class rosters. When you deploy Pear Deck within your LMS, assignments will be locked to class rosters, meaning no one outside the class will be able to join the session.

For more information and step-by-step guides on using Pear Deck with your LMS, visit our collection of LMS resources, including installation guides for administrators.

Pear Deck’s LMS integrations are now included in every school and district plan. To learn more about bringing Pear Deck to your school or district, request a quote today.

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Pear Deck Team

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