Teaching Resolutions for 2019

New Year’s resolutions are a perfect time to reflect on first semester and adjust - maybe even reset - your course for the remainder of the year. If things are going well, ask yourself what’s contributing to your success? Or maybe the year isn’t quite what you’d imagined it could be. It’s not too late to course correct!

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Risa Fadenrecht
Teacher, Know Thyself

Walking into the classroom each day is an enormous act of courage. How can we see to the heart of a student, guide them to find their path, face a conflict with compassion, or engage with students who are different from us if we don’t know ourselves?

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Michal Eynon-Lynch
Introducing Peary Good Works

Today, we’re launching a new program, designed to shine a spotlight on the extra good work that educators are doing and to do our small part to make things better. Read on to learn more about Peary Good Works.

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Kate Beihl