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October 18, 2023

Enhanced Support for English Language Learners

Learn about how TutorMe supports English language learners with language filtering to match with tutors who can tutor in French and Spanish.

Every student deserves to feel seen, heard, and understood. For English Language Learning (ELL) students, enhanced support by interacting with a tutor who speaks their primary language can be game-changing.

It’s not just about ensuring every student can access education, but that every student can do so in a way that respects and integrates their linguistic and cultural identity.

To put this in perspective, according to the National Center of Education Statistics, 10% of K-12 US students are English Language Learners (ELLs) – students whose primary language is not English. This figure only pertains to the K-12 population, but studies suggest that the percentage of ELLs in higher education is even higher. These students, with their wealth of cultural and linguistic diversity, stand as a testament to the global nature of our educational system. 

At Pear Deck Tutor (formerly TutorMe), we're not just recognizing these unique challenges – we're actively addressing them. We believe every ELL student should have access to the resources and support they need, whenever they need it. 

Filtering languages on Pear Deck Tutor

Pear Deck Tutor is taking a big step forward in supporting English Language Learners. We're introducing a feature that allows students to connect with tutors who speak their primary language.

By acknowledging and incorporating a student's home language, we not only support their academic literacy, but also validate their culture. This positive reinforcement can significantly boost a student's self-confidence and academic success.

How this works for students: 

Filtering languages is built directly into the Pear Deck Tutor platform, making it easy for students to connect with a tutor in a specific language. Here’s how it works: 

  • Language filters: Our 'Browse Tutors' page now comes with language filters. This means students can easily find tutors that can tutor in their language.
  • Tutor language visibility: Every tutor’s profile will clearly mention the languages they speak, allowing students to make an informed choice.
  • Direct language requests: If a student has a preferred language, they can specify this when sending a direct tutor request.

Ready-to-go resource: Check out our help article for easy-to-follow instructions for your students.  

In the initial release, we're introducing filters for Spanish and French. With this launch, we are also releasing translated resources in French and Spanish to help schools get the word out to their students about accessing Pear Deck Tutor. 

These resources include:

Our approach to language prioritization

At Pear Deck Tutor, our commitment to innovation and inclusivity doesn't stop. As the linguistic landscape of our educational system evolves, so will our platform. While we've made significant strides with our Spanish and French filters, this is only the beginning. We are continuously researching and collaborating with experts to expand our language offerings, ensuring we meet the needs of every ELL student.

While Spanish and French are our initial offerings, we're diligently working on expanding our language base. Our ear is always to the ground, listening to educators and partners to ensure no learner is left behind. We’ve also introduced an improved subject list and industry-leading tutor-student matching system to support students with limited English language proficiency. 

Empower every student with 1:1 support 

We believe every student should be equipped with the tools they need to succeed, irrespective of their linguistic backgrounds. 

So, why wait? 

Let's bring the transformative power of 1:1 language-specific tutoring support to your students. With Pear Deck Tutor, you're not just getting a tutoring platform; you're joining a movement dedicated to making education universally accessible.

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Mollie Breese
Content Marketing Manager

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