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November 6, 2023

A First-Hand Look at a Pear Deck Tutor Session Using the RAISE Approach

At Pear Deck Tutor (formerly TutorMe), we blend on-demand access to qualified tutors with a deeply personalized approach, setting the stage for impactful learning experiences that occur anytime, anywhere. Central to our philosophy is the authentic human connection between student and tutor, transforming traditional support into a tailored educational journey.

Our effectiveness hinges on the RAISE Approach, an innovative methodology born from evidence-based learning strategies. This approach isn't just theoretical; it's a practical, intuitive guide our tutors use to ensure each session is successful and meaningful.

In this live session showcase, you'll see the RAISE Approach's effectiveness in action, highlighting how our evidence-based strategies are implemented in real-time, enhancing learning outcomes and showcasing the power of personalized support.

Experiencing the RAISE Approach firsthand

To illustrate the efficacy of the RAISE Approach, we're excited to give you an insider’s view of a real tutoring session.

Session overview

In this spotlight session, Kelley, an experienced Math tutor on our platform, assists a first-grade student, “Emma,” in mastering regrouping for addition and subtraction. After discussing the recent introduction of this topic in Emma’s class, they establish a clear objective: Emma aims to grasp regrouping confidently by the session's conclusion.

Step 1: Rapport-building

Kelley initiates the session by warmly welcoming Emma, aligning with her communication preferences, and setting a friendly, supportive atmosphere. Together, they clarify expectations and set a clear, attainable goal, ensuring a shared understanding of the session’s trajectory. See the initial interaction in the video below.

Step 2: Assessing prior knowledge

Employing the RAISE Approach, Kelley invites Emma to attempt solving a problem, providing insight into her current understanding and learning needs. This strategy helps emphasize areas that require the most attention during the session. Kelley’s supportive demeanor encourages Emma to think aloud and engage with the material actively.

See Kelley demonstrate these first two steps of the RAISE Approach in the recording below. 

TutorMe recording screenshot with play button

Step 3: Individualized instruction (scaffolding)

The session progresses with Kelley providing individualized support, allowing Emma to take the lead in her learning journey. By employing autonomy-supportive language and strategic questioning, Kelley helps Emma articulate and reflect on her thought process. Through real-time interaction on the virtual whiteboard and immediate, positive feedback, Emma remains engaged, quickly applying learned concepts in subsequent tasks.

TutorMe session recording with the play button

Step 4: Summarizing learning

As they approach the session's wrap-up, Kelley encourages Emma to summarize what she’s learned. This recap solidifies Emma's understanding and boosts her confidence. The successful solving of a final problem independently demonstrates Emma’s improved mastery, reinforcing the session’s effectiveness.

Step 5: Encouragement

Concluding on a high note, Kelley revisits the initial goal, celebrating Emma's progress. She offers process praise, emphasizing Emma’s hard work and achievements. This positive reinforcement not only cements Emma’s learning but also builds her self-esteem, encouraging her future independent learning endeavors.

Finally, Kelley recommends a follow-up session to ensure Emma's continued advancement in mastering regrouping. 

Check out Kelley exemplifying Step 4 and Step 5 in the recording below. 

TutorMe recording session with the play button

Want to see the RAISE approach in action? Check out the full session recording

TutorMe recording of a session with a play button

Bringing 1:1 support to your schools

Through the RAISE approach, Pear Deck Tutor affirms its dedication to fostering independent, confident learners. Each session is a unique journey, reflecting our unwavering commitment to educational excellence and personalized student growth. Join us in redefining virtual tutoring, one successful session at a time.

Ready to give your students the 1:1 learning support they need to take on any challenge?

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