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January 22, 2024

Meet Pear Deck Learning

Learning happens over a lifetime through educational experiences and everyday interactions. It is a continuous process sparked by a student’s inherent natural curiosity – inspiration to explore, discover, and understand.

This curiosity prompts us to ask “what if”? It drives our imagination of what could be and empowers us to create change. 

At the heart of every classroom lies a unique ecosystem, a vibrant hub led by the expertise of an educator where learning flourishes through steadfast support, deep engagement, and active collaboration. 

Such a dynamic environment demands a foundation of tools that are not only intuitive to use, but also make a profound impact, catering to the entire educational journey of each student.

Over the last decade, the rise of classroom technology has brought numerous tools, each with its own promise of enhancing learning. However, educators are often served singular solutions, resulting in disjointed workflows for teachers and students.

Our tools use proven strategies and best practices to shrink achievement gaps and improve outcomes for students from every walk of life. We worked with a group of 80 teachers, 5,600 students, and 55 districts across the US to test our products in their classrooms and provide invaluable feedback, informing the design and development of our products.

This evolution has led to Pear Deck Learning — an innovative ecosystem redefining education and integrating tools for a dynamic and enriching classroom experience.

Pear Deck Learning ecosystem of products listed: Pear Deck, Pear Practice, Pear Assessment, Pear Deck Tutort

With the introduction of Pear Deck Learning, we lead a new era of classroom technology. This evolution expands our beloved Pear Deck platform, weaving together a synchronized collection of products that integrate with every facet of the learning environment.

Pear Deck Learning reflects our vision to help all learners feel ready and inspired to solve the world’s greatest challenges. We're redefining edtech, crafting an integrated learning experience that resonates with the essence of education.  

What is Pear Deck Learning?

Pear Deck Learning provides an ecosystem of education tools designed to cultivate a K-12 classroom environment where all learners are supported to achieve their full potential. Our innovative tech solutions empower educators to assess progress, provide real-time feedback, offer personalized instruction and practice, and foster inclusive and engaging learning experiences for every student.

A sister brand of the award-winning GoGuardian suite of safety and privacy products, Pear Deck Learning features four main solutions: Pear Assessment, Pear Deck, Pear Practice, and Pear Deck Tutor. 

Let’s break down the details of how each component is uniquely designed to elevate your classroom experience.

Pear Deck Learning Product Names: Edulastic to Pear Assessment, Pear Deck to Pear Deck, Giant Steps to Pear Practice, and TutorMe to Pear Deck Tutor

Pear Assessment

A versatile assessment tool that gives educators insight into student learning and standards mastery from a suite of clear visualizations and reports.

Pear Assessment, formerly Edulastic, offers a range of visualizations and reports for assessing student learning and mastery of standards. It's equipped to handle everything from individual classroom assessments to district-wide data analysis, with state test prep supported by tech-enhanced questions.

Pear Deck

An interactive presentation platform designed to enhance teacher-student interaction and engagement, offering real-time feedback and personalized instruction.

Pear Deck enhances classroom engagement by enabling educators to create dynamic, collaborative learning experiences. It promotes active participation and inclusive discussions, simplifying lesson planning. Student feedback provides immediate comprehension insights, fostering personalized feedback loops and tailored learning experiences. Pear Deck supports differentiated instruction, enabling real-time adaptation for an inclusive and engaging classroom, benefiting both educators and students.

Pear Practice

A gamified learning experience that facilitates differentiated practice, reinforcing a growth mindset and fostering collaboration through standards-aligned curriculum and reports, enhancing differentiated instruction and helping to accelerate student mastery.

Previously known as Giant Steps, Pear Practice allows personalized learning experiences by tailoring assignments to individual needs, offering diverse practice sets, and real-time explanations, empowering students to learn at their own pace. The inclusion of gamified engagement, with interactive activities and personalized avatars, promotes a positive classroom culture and ensures a motivating environment where all students can thrive.

Pear Deck Tutor

An on-demand tutoring platform that connects students across all grade levels with high-quality, one-on-one tutoring tailored to their unique learning style.

Pear Deck Tutor, formerly TutorMe, saves instructors time and supports differentiated learning. It offers first-draft reviews of writing assignments through the Writing Lab and 1:1 live tutoring sessions for step-by-step guidance. It can also help with after-school tutoring, reducing the load on educators. With diverse tutors who can connect with students and expand their worldviews, it supplements differentiated support, adapting to each student's unique learning style and language.

Within this ecosystem, we target every level of the learning journey — from assessment to instruction, engagement, and intervention.

When combined, they create a powerful support network for teachers and students that extends beyond the capabilities of individual applications. 

Same products, enhanced customer experience 

So, what does this change mean for you?

Pear Assessment, Pear Deck, Pear Practice, and Pear Deck Tutor remain the same great edtech tools countless teachers have come to embrace – but they’re getting better. We’re unlocking even more potential by bringing these products together to amplify student growth.

Whether it’s integrating Pear Assessment with Pear Deck Tutor to provide personalized support aligned with students' assessment results, or coupling Pear Deck with Pear Practice to engage students with dynamic content, the new integrations open up diverse strategies for educators to engage with and reinforce learning.

We’ve developed a comprehensive help page to answer any questions you may have about how this affects your current product usage.

To the future!

Our vision for Pear Deck Learning is to ensure our collection of tools creates an ecosystem to provide educators, schools, and districts with an intuitive platform that enhances the learning journey, leaving more room for the human aspect of teaching and discovery.

As we look ahead, Pear Deck Learning is committed to deepening the integration of our tools, focusing on creating a smooth, streamlined learning experience for both teachers and students.

We are excited to evolve and grow as we continuously improve our ecosystem to maximize support for classrooms everywhere.

Stay engaged

We know you’re just as excited as we are for a systematic approach to technology support in the classroom. To stay up-to-date on the latest Pear Deck Learning news, we invite you to explore our resources – your gateway to the next chapter in education innovation.


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