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February 13, 2024

Introducing Class Remixes

We have great news - teachers using Pear Practice now have two new ways to assign practice material to their classrooms.

Class Remixes automatically curates a practice set based on questions you and your class have already completed. The more you practice, the better Class Remixes become!

A new way to review

Review Class Remixes create Practice Sets from the topics you’ve covered. Teachers can select the last 30 days, or a custom time range and a Practice Set will be drafted from topics practiced in those time frames.

For Premium subscribers, Standards Intervention Class Remixes allow teachers to provide more targeted practice based on the standards the class is struggling with. When teachers select this option, a new Practice Set is created that automatically combines certified practice items aligned to the standards with the lowest class accuracy.

Teachers can accept the drafts and configure details like descriptions and cover art before assigning them.

“Class Remixes are designed to save teachers time while supporting educators in leveraging data to inform instruction. With Class Remixes, teachers can create a Practice Set to review material aligned to the standards their Classroom is struggling with in just three clicks.” - Mariana Aguilar, VP of Education at GoGuardian

The more classrooms participate in Pear Practice, the greater range Class Remixes have for resurfacing material to practice.

Class remixes are now available for Pear Practice users and can be found in the Practice Set modal.

For more product news and tips for creating engaging learning experiences in your classroom, be sure to check out the Pear Practice Blog.


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Pear Deck Learning Team

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