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January 23, 2024

Best Practices with District Reporting with Pear Practice

As a District Administrator, you can unlock key insights about your district or school's usage of Pear Practice. These insights show how Pear Practice is used in classrooms throughout your school or district. 

Get started by signing into Pear Practice as a District Administrator and clicking Reporting in the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

Top Teachers

What is the Teacher Snapshot?

In the Teacher Snapshot section of the District Dashboard, administrators are provided with a comprehensive view of teacher engagement within Pear Practice. This section displays the total number of assignments created and Live Sessions initiated by teachers across the district or school.

Top Teachers Display in Pear Practice showing 342 active teachers, live sessions, assignments, total assignments created: 2,291, 3 teacher profiles, and a Looking Goo report where teachers are highly active in Pear Practice

Teachers Leading Collaborative Classrooms

The leading metric on your Reporting page is Top Teachers, which lists teachers with the highest number of Live Sessions. Live Sessions are when students work collaboratively in small groups to answer practice questions together.

The Live Sessions tab shows the number of sessions started collectively and individually by teachers. Individual sessions are counted across subjects, classrooms, and students taught by the teacher.

If you'd like to increase the number of Live Sessions started by your teachers, we recommend inviting more teachers to your Pear Practice organization and encouraging your top teachers to lead professional development (PD) sessions for their colleagues. The sessions can be run in Pear Practice by creating Practice Sets from scratch or using the certified Pear Practice Demo set handcrafted by our team.

Teachers Leading Student Practices

Under Top Teachers, the Assignments tab lists the top assignment creators among all teachers in your district or school using Pear Practice. It shows the total number of assignments created by teachers collectively and individually. Assignments are practice questions that students complete independently. Assignments can be differentiated by student, group, or class.

The Assignments metrics indicate which teachers are leading learning in your organization by creating content and assigning it for students to complete. Assignments are created by teachers from Practice Sets or copied quickly via Shared Libraries, where teachers can use existing content created by colleagues for their district or school in the School Library, or in the Public Library by anyone using Pear Practice. Teachers can also auto-post assignment links to the Google Classroom's Stream to further expedite content creation and get it to students.

Student Snapshot

What is the Student Snapshot? 

The Student Snapshot offers administrators a detailed overview of student engagement and progress within Pear Practice. This section aggregates data on the total number and trends over the last 30 days for several key metrics: the number of certified item answers practiced (specifically for Math and ELA), frequency of independent practice sessions (encompassing Daily Remixes, Assignments, and Independent Practice), and use of personalized explanations through the AI Explain Feature. By tracking these metrics, administrators gain valuable insights into how students are interacting with the platform, the extent of their independent learning efforts, and their engagement with AI-supported personalized feedback.

Practice with Learning Science

At Pear Practice, we create content that is data-driven, standards-aligned, and rooted in learning science. Our goal is to provide content trusted by teachers and students.

With the Total Certified Items Practiced metric, administrators can see how many certified items students have practiced and how the practices are trending. Your teachers can increase usage by copying certified Practice Sets from the Shared Libraries to My Library and creating Assignments with them, or running Live Sessions. The sets have a Certified badge and checkmark in the upper-left corner.

Take Initiative with Independent Practice

Under Independent Practice Sessions, administrators can see how many students are practicing on their own and the direction the metric is trending in.

Independent practices include Assignments, Practice Sets, and Daily Remixes, which are sets auto-generated every 24 hours and auto-tailored to students' learning needs. A special remix called Redemption lets students try questions that they previously missed, leading to increased retention and engagement.

Increase Retention with Personalized Feedback

Personalized feedback helps students better understand their classwork by adding context, so it's considered vital to the classroom at Pear Practice. Administrators can track personalized feedback under Personalized Explanations.

The key for administrators is to encourage teachers to add personalized feedback via certified content. Teachers can also show students how to receive assisted feedback via Explain, the AI-based feedback feature. It allows students to learn in-depth and answer additional practice questions that don't count against their classwork.


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