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Celebrate National ‘Be Heard’ Day with Pear Deck

Could there be a day more relevant to the work we’re doing with Pear Deck? Yes, we use a lot of pedagogical words like “student engagement” and “formative assessment” when we talk about the tool that is Pear Deck, but the root of what we’re all about at Pear Deck is giving every student a voice and every teacher a means to hear and highlight those voices. So in celebration of National Be Heard Day, let’s consider how we can hear and honor our students’ unique voices with Pear Deck.

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Easy to Judge, but Hard to Listen

As educators, we can help our students look beyond their own bubbles and try to see through another lens. We can help them, not in trying to win or beattheir opponents but to hear — really hear — what others are saying and why. We can help our students strip out hyperbole and invective to make a true human connection with people who have a different experience.

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