Back to School with Pear Deck

Welcome back! I hope you had a fantastic, restorative summer.

The first few weeks of school are an important time to build trust in your learning community. For students to reach their full learning potential, they need to feel safe enough to step outside their comfort zones. They need to be able to be wrong and keep trying. It can be easy to overlook the importance of community building, especially when you have so much content to get through, but by building a strong, trusting rapport, I wager you will have more powerful learning moments throughout the year.

As you welcome new students to your classroom and begin to build a learning community, here are some Pear Deck features you might not be aware of to help every single student participate, no matter what type of learner.

Student-Paced Mode

When you want to switch from an all-class discussion to individual or group activities, flip your Session into Student-Paced Mode and students will be able to move through slides and answer questions at their own speed. Learn more about Student-Paced Mode.


Classroom Climate

While we might have a perfect vision of how the day will go, students are complex people with the full complement of emotions that they bring to our classrooms, whether we’re aware of it or not. Classroom Climate provides a simple way to check in with students, understand how their moods might be affecting their learning, and show them that you recognize them as whole people. Learn more about Classroom Climate.


Student Roster Sorted by Student Mood in Session Dashboard

Student Takeaways™

If you want your students to have a complete notes document of everything you did in class, publish Student Takeaways™. Students will be able to see all slide content as well as their own answers to each question all in a Google Doc shared to their Drive. Assign the Doc as homework and ask students to go back through their answers. In the spaces provided, they can reflect on what was confusing for them or particularly interesting. Since the Doc is owned by you, you can leave additional comments for the student or share it with parents and tutors to keep other concerned parties informed. Learn More about Student Takeaways™.