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September 28, 2022

Resources for Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

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September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, so we’ve created a collection of activities and lessons to recognize and celebrate the history, contributions, and accomplishments of Latinx, Latina, Latino, and Hispanic individuals who have enriched the United States.

Below, you’ll find free, ready-to-teach lessons and activities made in partnership with Newsela, PBS NewsHour Classroom, and News-O-Matic, powered by Pear Deck.

Wonder Pack: Hispanic Heritage Month

In this Wonder Pack, students learn about some of the contributions of Latino Americans to the United States based on the series, “Latino Americans” from PBS. Four separate lessons are designed to engage learners in grades 4-12 in learning and discussion.

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“Who I Am and Where I Come From”

In this lesson from News-O-Matic, students watch a video and read an article to learn about the importance of Hispanic Heritage Month. Reflection prompts ask students to think about and share what they heard.

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Explore this collection of Newsela Daily Decks combining Newsela’s curated news articles with Pear Deck’s unique interactive format. Select the image to preview the activity and download your free copy of the Deck — no Newsela subscription required!

Mexican-born engineer pushing for more diversity
On June 4 Katya Echazarreta became the first Mexican-born woman to fly into space.
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Meet Disem, the graffiti artist in Miami
Many Miami murals are created by a Hispanic street artist passionate about traditional art.
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Latino community celebrates Day of the Dead
The holiday is traditionally celebrated on November 1 and 2.
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Training a new generation of cowboys
Learn about the growing popularity of “charreria,” traditional Mexican cattle-ranching skills.
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Quinceañera and the work of Eva Castellanoz
Learn about the traditions surrounding quinceañera celebrations, including handmade crowns.
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