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January 22, 2024

Pear Deck Microsoft Slide Decks

We know educators use a variety of operating systems and tech tools in their classrooms. At Pear Deck Learning, we strive to make our trove of interactive resources designed to transform your classroom into a hub of engagement and learning as accessible as possible.

Our curated collection of Microsoft Pear Deck templates is crafted to bring lessons to life. Whether you're exploring the importance of Black History Month, discussing mental wellness, or navigating the complex world of financial literacy, we've got you covered.

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Celebrating Special Occasions

Pear Deck Slides for Valentine's Day Fun

Infuse love and joy into your lessons with these heartwarming templates that make learning on Valentine's Day a breeze.

Wonder Pack: Black History Month

Explore and celebrate the rich tapestry of Black history with captivating templates designed for Black History Month.

Pear Deck Templates for Celebrating the Lunar New Year

These interactive templates are thoughtfully designed to bring the spirit of Lunar New Year festivities directly into your classroom.

Navigating Important Topics

EVERFI - Prescription Drug Safety

Tackle essential topics like prescription drug safety with interactive templates that engage students in crucial conversations.

EVERFI - Understanding Mental Wellness

Prioritize mental health education with templates designed to foster understanding and open dialogue about mental wellness.

Be Internet Awesome: When Not to Share

Empower students to navigate the digital landscape responsibly with templates focused on internet etiquette.

Building Life Skills

EVERFI - FutureSmart

Equip students with essential financial literacy skills using templates that make complex topics like money management accessible and engaging.

EVERFI - VAULT: Understanding Money

Delve into the world of financial literacy with templates tailored to demystify the fundamentals of money.

Social-Emotional Learning and Personal Growth

Social-Emotional Learning Templates

Foster a positive classroom environment with templates designed to nurture social-emotional growth and well-being.

Pear Deck Templates for Discussing Goals & Habits

Encourage goal-setting and habit-building with interactive templates that inspire personal development.

Subject-Specific Templates

Math Templates

Make math come alive with interactive templates that turn abstract concepts into engaging learning experiences.

Empowering Choices

EVERFI - Character Playbook

Instill values and character education through templates that encourage thoughtful reflection and discussion.

Pear Deck Templates: SMART Goals

Guide students in setting and achieving SMART goals with templates that inspire ambition and focus.

Promoting Healthy Habits

Pear Deck Slides for Sharing Acts of Kindness

Create a positive classroom culture by spotlighting acts of kindness with these heartening templates.

EVERFI - Vaping: Know the truth

Address crucial health topics with templates designed to educate students about the dangers of vaping.

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