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August 25, 2021

Exploring is Learning with Pear Deck and Newsela

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Pear Deck Team

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Your team of explorers is ready to set out, fully equipped with the tools you need for a successful expedition. You have the map, the course routed out. You’re ready to travel new terrain, see new sights, and encounter the unfamiliar. What will you discover first?

One of the greatest joys of teaching is watching students learn and grow in real time. Discovery empowers students as they notice and grasp takeaways for themselves, building confidence and independence in the process.

To help educators like you keep your classrooms of student explorers engaged, curious, and thinking critically, Newsela and Pear Deck have created ready-to-teach activities that feature diverse perspectives, people, and places from around the world. Newsela’s standards-aligned content is designed to engage students with current events while also developing literacy and critical thinking skills — a perfect pear-ing for an interactive Pear Deck activity!

Newsela Daily Decks are back

We’re excited to announce the return of our popular Newsela Daily Decks — free, ready-to-teach Decks featuring an adaptive news article with interactive prompts to spark learning. Each article has been curated by Newsela’s expert team and paired with proven instructional strategies to help your students dive deeper into the topic and prompt classroom conversations. Five new Decks are released every week, making it easy for educators to incorporate Daily Decks into your classroom rhythm.

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Newsela's expanded Pear Deck collection

Our friends at Newsela have also created an expanded collection of ready-to-teach Pear Deck-powered articles for ELA, social studies, and science instruction! These Decks combine Newsela texts with lesson structures adapted from the Newsela Community. Students can read and engage with the Newsela texts and complete the interactive activities, all within the Pear Deck experience. (Please note many of these contain Newsela content that require a Newsela subject-area subscription to view and share with students.)

As you embark into this new year of exploration and discovery, know that Pear Deck and Newsela are here to help you along the way. Adventure is out there — and it can be inside your classroom, too.

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