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July 1, 2021

New Mental Health Guide for K-12 Schools & Districts

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Pear Deck Team

Title "Support Student & Educator Mental Health in 2021" with a drawing of a teacher holding coffee and looking peaceful

As students and educators prepare to return to school this fall — some in person, others in hybrid learning environments — navigating the emotional and mental toll of the pandemic will be a common challenge.

Even if schools resemble some level of “normal,” “the reality is that fears, anxieties, and angst will still exist post-COVID-19,” Michael E. Creekmore, Jr., LPC, writes in our new mental health guide. The question, then, is what can schools do to support the mental health of their students and educators as they prepare for the new school year?

To address this question, GoGuardian and Pear Deck have compiled Supporting Student & Educator Mental Health in 2021, a free resource guide for K-12 schools and districts.

In this guide, school counselors, SEL coaches, mental health advocates, and experts in suicidology provide information to help your school or district build mental health resources. From implementing school policies and building school-home partnerships to prioritizing social emotional learning and developing self-care strategies, this guide serves as a starting point for making sure mental health is a priority in your school this coming year and beyond.

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