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October 20, 2021

EVERFI + Pear Deck: A New Partnership for Real-World Skill Building

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The educational journey includes so much more than traditional academic subjects. When young people learn about real-world skills in school, they’re equipped with the tools they need to navigate life’s daily challenges, such as financial literacy and career readiness.

To help educators support K-12 students in developing life skills, we’ve partnered with EVERFI on a capsule collection of free, real-world lessons powered by Pear Deck!

Get to know Everfi's story in this interview with Alyssa Lyons, content lead at Everfi

For those who may not be familiar with EVERFI, can you tell us about the fantastic work that you do?

EVERFI is an educational technology company that partners with organizations to provide the missing layer of education to all students — critical life skills that empower communities and inspire equitable lifelong success. Thanks to thousands of partners, all of EVERFI’s turnkey, standards-aligned lessons are completely free of cost, as is the local implementation support that each educator and district receives.

What do you hear from teachers about the value EVERFI brings to their classrooms?

The number one thing that I hear immediately when introducing EVERFI to educators is, “Wait, this is all completely free of cost?!” Yes, yes it is! There’s something about knowing that not only do organizations care about the success and well-being of their students, but that they also are invested in them long-term.

I encourage all K-12 educators to explore EVERFI’s library of 100+ lessons, as there’s something for everyone! The lessons are designed with the latest learning science strategies and filled with evidence-based information for a measurable positive impact on a student’s knowledge acquisition.

EVERFI’s courses are pre-prepped, standards-aligned, and self-guided with self-grading pre- and post-assessments built in. It’s a simple, turnkey way for educators to bring real-world skills into their classrooms.

That’s awesome! Can you share more about the real-world skills taught through EVERFI’s curriculum?

There’s a great range of real-world skills that are taught with EVERFI’s courses, but each and every skill is a key component of establishing an equitable environment for students to reach their full potential. These real-world skills include our flagship financial capability courses, STEM exploration, social-emotional learning, mental wellness, healthcare literacy, career readiness (including entrepreneurship), and early literacy skills.

What’s your favorite part about the curriculum, or your favorite lesson?

My favorite part of EVERFI’s courses is that each course is designed to empower students for the short and long-term. There are relatable characters and storylines so that students can instantly connect what they are learning to their own lives and ambitions. Each lesson answers the age-old question, “When am I ever going to use this?”

We are very excited to offer educators this new collection of EVERFI lessons powered by Pear Deck. In your words, what makes Pear Deck and EVERFI a great partnership?

Just like Pear Deck, we here at EVERFI strongly believe in empowering students through highly engaging content and unique learning experiences. In EVERFI’s educator dashboard, each course has a library of offline extension activities to deepen students’ comprehension, spark further discussion, and assess student understanding with similar assessment questions found in the course.

By utilizing Pear Deck’s unique capabilities, teachers are able to insert these pre-made discussion questions, assessment questions, and activities in an engaging, comfortable format to get immediate feedback on student understanding.

Why is this collection of resources especially important for today’s students?

Student well-being is always a top priority of educators, but it’s especially important this school year as many of us continue to navigate the challenges of coming together and establishing a new normal after 18 months apart. EVERFI’s collection of health and wellness resources provides wrap-around resources to remove mental health stigma, deepen student-to-educator relationships, and provide tools for students’ self-care now and in the future. The collection also includes key at-home resources for families and communities.

Which of our collection of resources are you most excited to share with the K-12 audience?

Mental Wellness Basics is a resource that I feel strongly about, not only because it includes such timely topics, but I’ve been witness to so many students that have said that the information and stories in this course really hit home for them and improved the way they think about mental health. A student once told us, “I learned to never keep stress stored inside of me and that I should try breathing exercises and talking to a friend. This course changed my life.”

That’s incredible. How can teachers get started with EVERFI?

To start, educators create their no-cost account at and receive recommendations for resources that align with their grade level and content area.

From there, educators create a class with courses for students to work on. Courses last from 10-35 minutes and include introduction, pre-assessment, practice through interactive storylines, and post-assessment. Educators are able to see students’ pre- and post- assessment scores in real time and can access offline lesson plans to extend upon that particular concept.

Explore the full collection and download the activities to get started today!

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