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April 1, 2024

Monthly Highlights: Pear Deck Learning's Latest Innovations

We're rolling out exciting new features and updates across Pear Deck Learning. These additions are part of our continuous effort to improve and adapt to the needs of educators and students.

Let's take a look at what's new and how these improvements can transform classrooms and elevate learning outcomes.

Teacher-assigned tutoring comes to Pear Deck Learning

This month, we're excited to introduce teacher-assigned tutoring within Pear Deck Learning, thanks to the integration of Pear Deck Tutor with Pear Assessment and GoGuardian Teacher.

Pear Deck Tutor and Pear Assessment 

With the Pear Deck Tutor and Pear Assessment integration, teachers can utilize data from Pear Assessment to tailor tutoring sessions that specifically target students' areas needing improvement, while also allowing them to gauge the effectiveness of these sessions on students' progress. 

Assign tutoring portal on Pear Assessment

Pear Deck Tutor and GoGuardian 

With the GoGuardian Teacher integration, teachers can continue with their instruction while simultaneously facilitating personalized tutoring for groups of 1-5 students through Pear Deck Tutor, direct from the Live Session dashboard. 

Assign tutoring portal on GGT

Learn more about Pear Deck Tutor’s integrations and how to bring teacher-assigned tutoring to your schools. 

Pear Deck 

The latest updates to the Pear Deck District Library make it easier than ever to find, organize, and share high-quality instructional resources. Here’s a summary of what’s new and improved: 

A better user experience

  • Refined filter bar: Filter results by grade, subject, and standards to quickly find exactly what you need.
  • More subjects: We've added three new subjects to the District Library: Computer Science & Technology, Pear Deck Training, and Professional Development.

Standards made simple

  • Expanded standards coverage: The District Library now includes Common Core Math, Common Core ELA, NGSS, and all math, ELA, and science state standards for grades 3-12 across all 50 states and DC.
  • Teacher tags: Educators can tag decks with relevant standards, making it easier for fellow teachers to filter and find the right content.

Learn more about the latest Pear Deck Library updates.

Empowering English Language Learners with Pear Deck

Explore how Pear Deck is reshaping K-12 education for English Language Language Learners, fostering inclusive and accessible learning environments through supporting the Universal Design for Learning Guidelines. 

Discover how to support English Language Learners with Pear Deck. 

Pear Assessment 

Our Selenium release for Pear Assessment introduces a suite of features designed to streamline assessment processes, enhance data analysis, and improve functionality:

  • Tailoring assessments: Teachers can now select which student attempt to use for scoring, highlighting a student's best performance.
  • Google forms integration: Easily transform Google Forms into fully functioning Pear Assessment quizzes, unlocking advanced data analysis.
  • Merge quizzes: Combine items from multiple tests into a single, comprehensive semester quiz without duplicate work.

For administrators:

  • Managing accommodations: Districts can control how teachers configure test accommodations, from individual tests to student-level settings.
  • Insights-only role: Assign a specific role to staff members for access to assessment data, ideal for school psychologists and counselors.
  • Surveys and reports: Deploy surveys with Likert scales to gather student opinions and well-being insights, available for Data Studio subscribers.

Learn more about Pear Assessment’s Selenium Release. 

Pear Practice

Educators can now rate shared Practice Sets in Pear Practice. This feature allows you to provide feedback on your favorite Practice Sets, enabling Pear Practice to recommend the most relevant Practice Sets for your classroom.

Explore Pear Practice.

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