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October 12, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Video Quiz and AI Integration in Pear Assessment

With the introduction of Video Quiz and AI-powered tools in Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic), educators are provided with a toolbox brimming with innovative solutions to foster dynamic classroom interactions. To help you get started on your AI journey with Pear Assessment, we're telling you everything you need to know about Video Quiz and AI, explaining their functionalities, and offering insights into how these tools can redefine teaching and learning. 

Dive in and discover how you can make the most of these advancements in your educational journey.

Video Quiz

Where can I access Video Quiz? 

Once you start a trial or subscribe to Video Quiz on the Subscription page, Video Quiz can be accessed as a test option by going to Tests on the left hand navigation and selecting the “New Test” button at the top of the page.

What types of reports can I generate with Video Quiz?

Teachers will be able to view all the same reports they’re familiar with in Pear Assessment, including the Live Class Board to see responses in real time. Results from Video Quizzes can be viewed alongside traditional assessments within the Insights tab.

Can I share Video Quizzes with other teachers?

If two teachers both have the Video Quiz add-on or their district has Video Quiz, they can share, clone, and administer quizzes between them, similar to other assessments in Pear Assessment.

For instances where one teacher has the add-on and another doesn’t, the teacher without Video Quiz cannot see or assign a Video Quiz that was shared from a teacher that does have the add-on.

If two teachers are in a classroom — for example, the primary teacher and a co-teacher — and only one of the teachers has Video Quiz, only that teacher can assign the Video Quiz. But, because both teachers are rostered to the same students, they will both be able to see student responses in their Insights tab, even the teacher who doesn’t have Video Quiz.

Can VideoQuiz be used for instruction?

Yes! One of the most common use cases for VideoQuiz is supporting in-class instruction. Videos can be assigned during class or broadcasted to students using the Review tab, with ads and recommended next videos removed. 

Teachers can create an essay question that prompts students to write in their notebooks or as a discussion topic. Teachers can also use drawing tools (lines, numbers, equations, etc.) to indicate aspects of the frame if needed. Lastly, you will still have access to the Live Class Board to see real-time answers to questions to inform instruction.

Can I assign Video Quiz for homework?

Yes. Many teachers are using Video Quiz as a way to have engaging homework or additional practice outside of the classroom. Current events like speeches and debates, or long-form performances or interviews, are great examples of the types of media that can be easily converted into video-based assignments for students.

Does Video Quiz have a content library?

While building Video Quiz, we found most teachers we talked to already had their go-to videos and ways they wanted to structure questions that mapped to their lesson plans. So, instead of building out our own content library, subscribed teachers can access an initial showcase library of science videos on a variety of topics that highlight the various annotation tools and question formats available for teachers. Teachers can also use their favorite YouTube video with Video Quiz. 

AI in Pear Assessment

How does the AI work?

Using AI in Pear Assessment can be distilled down to a few simple steps: Start by providing the input, whether explaining the types of questions you’d like to create or the rubric you’d like to use for grading within Pear Assessment. Pear Assessment then combines your input with our uniquely developed academic content and student-centered guardrails to make an anonymized “call” to a trained AI model. The model returns the results within Pear Assessment based on your input and the context Pear Assessment provides.

Can I edit the responses?

Absolutely. For any question created in Pear Assessment, there is a two-step process of drafting, then publishing. Think of question generation as the first draft: You can always edit the question, answers, and answer order before using it in an assignment. 

Can I share AI-generated questions with others?

All questions and quizzes generated with AI can be shared with others — even if they don’t have the AI add-on. Generated items can also be added to a district library for others to use.

Can the AI grade open-ended questions?

Yes, AI can grade essay questions if enabled ahead of time. 

First, you must have a unit test or assignment with essay questions scored by a rubric. When assigning, toggle “Enable auto evaluation by AI” under Student Tools in your Test Settings. Once the student submits the test or assignment, a score and student response will be generated using the rubric you selected

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