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February 9, 2021

The Fun Way to Introduce Pear Assessment to Your Students

When introducing Pear Assessment (formerly, Edulastic) to your students, it's crucial to start small and make it enjoyable. A gentle introduction with a short, fun practice assignment, comprising 5-10 simple trivia questions, can be a great way for students to familiarize themselves with the platform without feeling overwhelmed.

In some cases, you may need to launch immediately, and we have a couple of "starter" assessments ready for quick integration. These engaging quizzes cover various topics and question types, offering a fun way for students to get acquainted with Pear Assessment and its features. You can also personalize your introduction by creating your own assignment, aligning it with the question types your students are likely to encounter, ensuring a smooth and positive transition to Pear Assessment.

Start with these fun assessments

When training teachers or students who have never seen Pear Assessment before, make use of our fun quizzes. These practice assessments have questions that run the gamut of the most commonly used question types in silly ways. To find these assessments, ranging on topics from food to seasons to cartoons, click on the links below.

Learning Pear Assessment with Food

Learning Pear Assessment with Seasons Trivia

Learning Pear Assessment with Pop Culture & Music

Learning Pear Assessment with Superheroes    

Learning Pear Assessment with Colors, Shapes, and Things

Learning Pear Assessment with U.S. States

Learning Pear Assessment with Cartoons

Learning Pear Assessment with Places You Can Go

Learning Pear Assessment with Sports

Learning Pear Assessment with Flowers  

Learning Pear Assessment with President's Day Trivia

Personalize how you introduce Pear Assessment

Have a little time? Create your own first assignment. Go to your "Assignments" tab and select "Create New Assignment." Create your own questions using the question types your students will most likely see. Here are a couple of questions you can model.

School Trivia:

  • What is the school mascot?
  • How many students are in the school?
  • How many teachers are in the school?
  • When is the last day of school?

Teacher Trivia:

  • What color are your teacher’s eyes?
  • What color is your teacher’s hair?
  • How many years has your teacher taught at this school?
  • What is your teacher’s favorite book/movie/hobby?


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