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August 22, 2023

Successfully Implementing Pear Deck Tutor's Writing Lab with the Writing Guide

Be prepared to bring one-on-one writing support to your class by successfully implementing Pear Deck Tutor's (formerly TutorMe) Writing Lab with our Writing Guide!

Writing is a fundamental skill for every student. However, it also poses one of the most time-intensive challenges for teachers. Effective writing improvement requires multiple rounds of feedback, allowing students to apply suggestions within the same project and consistently enhance their abilities.

Take, for example, a high school teacher responsible for over 150 students daily. If this teacher were to assign an essay to each student and spend merely five minutes reviewing and offering feedback on each one, they'd be dedicating over 12 hours solely to this task.

That's a significant commitment — time most teachers simply can't afford.

Enter Pear Deck Tutor’s Writing Lab. Our platform enables teachers to offer students asynchronous writing support for every essay. 

While the Writing Lab is user-friendly, ensuring students feel at ease and confident while using it may require some support. That's why we've introduced the Pear Deck Tutor Writing Guide. This editable template is designed to assist teachers in guiding their students through the process of submitting assignments on our platform.

Let's delve deeper into this process.

What is Pear Deck Tutor's Writing Lab? 

Pear Deck Tutor’s Writing Lab offers asynchronous writing feedback to every student. On the platform, students submit their drafts, which are then reviewed by expert academic writing tutors who provide targeted feedback.

Writing feedback for every level of writer 

Tutors at the Writing Lab provide comprehensive feedback. This covers:

  • Whether the student met the assignment's expectations.
  • The clarity and strength of their thesis or main argument.
  • Logical flow and organization.
  • Proper integration of research and sources.
  • Maintaining an appropriate voice and style for the genre.
  • Formatting, citation, and reference checks.
  • Ensuring correct grammar and punctuation.

The best part? The Writing Lab is available around the clock, ensuring students can get feedback anytime.

Screenshot of the TutorMe Request Page

How to use the Writing Lab

Students upload their writing assignment, and within a guaranteed 12-hour window, the reviewed piece — with all its annotations and suggestions — is returned. Often, this process is even quicker than 12 hours. 

Screenshot of the writing lab assignment page

How can you implement this into your classroom? Great question! Check out how this teacher incorporated TutorMe’s Writing Lab into her classroom to increase rigor in writing and decrease her workload. 

Using Pear Deck Tutor’s Writing Guide to support the Writing Lab

Designed keeping K-12 educators in mind, the Writing Guide is a template that can be customized for your students based on your writing assignment criteria and needs. This template can help students navigate the process of submitting a writing assignment to the Writing Lab seamlessly – helping teachers connect students to the additional support quickly and efficiently. 


  • Educators can effortlessly align their assignments with the Writing Lab.
  • Students receive clear instructions, simplifying the feedback-seeking process.
  • With clear directives, students approach the Writing Lab with more confidence, knowing they’re on the right track.

How to use the Writing Guide 

Using the Writing Guide is straightforward. Educators fill out the template, customizing it as per their assignment's specifics. Once done, the non-editable version can be distributed to students, ensuring they have a clear roadmap to using the Writing Lab.

Screenshot of the writing guide

Looking for more resources for implementing online tutoring in the classroom? 

The Writing Guide is only one of the many great resources available to teachers to help implement online tutoring in their classroom. Learn more about implementing online tutoring and access ready-to-go resources here

Writing support for every student

Incorporating asynchronous writing support in the classroom empowers students to enhance their writing fluency, grammar proficiency, and confidence as growing writers. It also can help educators devote more time to teaching rather than being overwhelmed with extensive feedback sessions.

Paired with Pear Deck Tutor’s Writing Guide, educators can seamlessly introduce the Writing Lab into their classrooms and connect every learner with one-on-one writing support – helping struggling writers grow essential skills and confident writers expand their horizons. 

Ready to bring writing support to your classroom? 

Reach out to the Pear Deck Tutor team to discover how the Writing Lab, paired with our Writing Guide, can elevate personalized learning experiences for your students.


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