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April 16, 2024

Spring into Poetry with Pear Deck Lessons

Shall we compare these decks to a summer’s day? We could, but we don’t think that would make much sense. What does make sense is ensuring your students have all the tools they need to understand the writing of the greatest poets of our time, as well as write their own poetry!

We’ve put together some incredible, ready-to-teach lessons sure to engage learners and help them resonate with one of the most beautiful ways to express themselves.

Pear Deck lessons about poetry

Pear Deck: Exploring Language in Poetry

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Pear Deck: Using Context Clues in Poetry

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Pear Deck: Examining Acrostic Poetry

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Pear Deck: Analyzing Occasion Poetry

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Pear Deck & News-O-Matic: The Pop Star and the Poet

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Pear Deck: Comparing 'Romeo and Juliet' to Taylor Swift's 'Love Story

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Pear Deck: Shades of Emotion: Comparing 'Sonnet 73' by Shakespeare and 'Red' by Taylor Swift

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Pear Deck: Making Inferences in Poetry: Fame is a Bee by Emily Dickinson

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For more lessons, be sure to check out our Certified English Language Arts Lessons.


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