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November 17, 2022

Pear Deck Tutor Community News: Building a Better Tutoring Experience

Tutors are the heart of the Pear Deck Tutor (formerly, TutorMe) community. These dedicated and talented individuals work with students everyday to create a personalized learning experience for every learner. This experience not only supports students academically, but on a human level as well. When students work one-on-one with an expert tutor, they are building a connection and the confidence to thrive in their unique, educational journeys.

The tutors of Pear Deck Tutor ’s community are mentors, subject matter experts, cheerleaders, coaches, and so much more.

We are continuously striving to ensure that the experience of being a tutor on the Pear Deck Tutor platform is not only a productive experience, but a rewarding journey.

That’s why we have continued to improve the tutoring experience for our tutoring community. Let’s look over some recent improvements and set out our sights for the road ahead.

What’s new for tutors

After gathering feedback from our current contracted tutors, we have improved key features related:

  • Navigation and inbox displays
  • Payment settings
  • Improved user interface and accessibility enhancements
  • Our new “Writing Labs in Progress” tab: making it easier for tutors to access papers and essays they are currently reviewing

Great things ahead

Over the next few months, we will be rolling out a series of improvements to make the Pear Deck Tutor tutoring experience even more enjoyable, efficient, and convenient. The updates listed above are just the first of many great enhancements.

These improvements are fueled by the feedback of our tutoring community. We asked, they answered! The Pear Deck Tutor team is committed to using tutoring experience and insights to guide the future of the Pear Deck Tutor platform.

We’re so excited for our current tutors* (and prospective tutors!)* to see what else we have in store for you! There really has never been a better time to be a part of our tutor community.

Thank you to all of the amazing individuals who form this community, and we look forward to continuing to grow together!

Interested in becoming a tutor with Pear Deck Tutor ?

This is a great time to join our tutor community! With the demand for online tutors growing, we are excited to partner with you in your tutoring career.

Apply to be an online tutor with Pear Deck Tutor today!


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Eline Millenaar de Guzman
Product Marketing Manager

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