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February 22, 2024

Enhance Your Lessons with New Math and ELA Pear Deck Certified Content

Pear Deck’s Content Orchard is blooming with fresh Certified content*, now at your fingertips! Streamline your lesson planning with these new ready–to-teach interactive standards-aligned Math and English Language Arts lessons.

Pear Deck Certified lessons are crafted to adhere to educational standards and reflect the Depth of Knowledge requirements of state assessments. These lessons are aligned with Common Core, TEKS, and various state standards, and are fully customizable to cater to the unique requirements and preferences of your students and classrooms.

New Math and ELA content 

These brand-new lessons embody the essence of effective teaching: leveraging Pear Decks promotes active student engagement, participation, critical thinking, and fosters an interactive learning atmosphere.

Users now have access to these Pear Deck Certified lessons:

You can also assess student comprehension and customize lessons on the fly with new Math and ELA Quick Check templates:

Plus! Seamlessly switch from instruction to application instantly when you pair Pear Deck Certified lessons with accompanying standards-aligned Practice Sets in Pear Practice. Just look for the Practice Set link in the teacher notes section of the last Google slide.

Stay tuned

This summer, teachers belonging to district and school accounts will have access to 1,000+ Pear Deck Certified Math and ELA lessons for grades 3-12. Users will be able to find these lessons in a redesigned Content Orchard that will make discovering the lesson you need much easier.

*Certified Content Pear Decks are evaluated and verified by our educational experts for standards alignment, rigor, cultural relevancy, and lack of bias.

**These Pear Deck lessons were created using Large Language Models and reviewed and enhanced by educators.


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