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June 23, 2022

How Online Tutoring Is Boosting Academic Recovery in K-12 Students

The pandemic has dwindled, and many students are finally able to return to a more conventional school schedule. However, the resulting learning loss and opportunity gaps are still very much an issue for K-12 students. It may be necessary to incorporate online tutoring to help boost academic recovery.

The average student lagged approximately five months behind in learning due to the pandemic. Some groups, including economically disadvantaged students and students with learning disabilities, have fallen even further behind.

For the past two years, many school districts have struggled with ways to address these learning concerns and help bring students back up to the level where they would have been without the pandemic.

Online tutoring is one proven intervention that can help significantly with academic recovery in K-12 students.

1:1 tutoring is the best solution for academic recovery

Effective tutoring, generally one-on-one or in small groups, is one of the most effective strategies for improving student performance and providing them with the tools they need to excel.

In fact, it has the potential to transform overall student success, including identifying and removing any learning gaps that could interfere with student progress.

Additionally, one-on-one tutoring allows students to get individualized support and undivided attention from their tutors.

In a traditional classroom setting, a struggling learner may fall through the cracks because the instructor does not realize the extent of learning problems or does not have adequate time to devote to the challenge.

In a one-on-one tutoring session, on the other hand, the instructor can focus directly on the student and the student's learning style.

Furthermore, one-on-one tutoring is more efficient than other types of tutoring, including tutoring sessions with multiple students, because the tutor does not need to be in a physical location to meet the diverse needs of a group of students.

Instead, the tutor can simply focus on catering to the needs of a single student through the convenience of technology.

Online tutoring is available exactly when students need it

Students have unique and diverse schedules. A tutoring program that simply meets immediately after school may not fit the needs of a student involved in clubs and activities.

Online tutoring, on the other hand, is available at times that work specifically for the student. Pear Deck Tutor (formerly TutorMe) is available 24/7, so students can access first-class academic support whenever and wherever it's most convenient.

That means that whether the student needs to settle in for a tutoring session right after school or in the middle of the night, Pear Deck Tutor will always be available.

Availability and online access is a critical part of eliminating the inequity often present in a traditional tutoring arrangement.

Students do not have to worry about getting a ride to their tutoring session, nor do they have to struggle to work around potentially rigid scheduling. Instead, they have access in a convenient way that fits their lifestyle and needs.

A larger pool of tutoring talent means higher-quality support

In many school systems, finding quality tutors for all subjects is a challenge. While students may be able to easily access tutors for their core areas, getting tutoring for other subjects, particularly vocational subjects or advanced subjects, can be more of a challenge.

An online tutoring community, on the other hand, is restricted by neither school nor geographic area. As a result, students can access tutors that cover the subjects they really need, including foreign language, professional studies, and computer science.

Students can also get help with test prep, advanced subjects, or basic remedial skills, all from the convenience of an online platform.

Not all students need tutoring in traditional academic fields, but many will benefit from a leg up in the subjects that matter most.

Students are also more likely to find a tutor in an online community that is able to fit their unique needs and learning style. Finding a tutor that is a good fit can make a huge difference in overall student learning.

Online tutoring supports teachers with access to 24/7 tutoring

As many as 55% of teachers are considering leaving the classroom earlier than intended after teaching during the pandemic. Educators are tired, burnt out, and unsure what might be coming next.

Teachers have suffered from unprecedented levels of stress as they have remained on the front lines of education throughout the pandemic, and many struggle to help students recover unfinished learning.

Pear Deck Tutor helps alleviate some of the burden on teachers by giving them an accessible, convenient, and effective student support resource to help fill in support gaps.

Instead of having to provide tutoring and support resources on their own at a time when they may be struggling to simply pull together their classroom lessons, teachers can rely on Pear Deck Tutor to fill in gaps and connect students with quality tutors who can help them grow and excel individually.

Furthermore, online tutoring helps alleviate the pressure on teachers to make themselves available to their students, which may allow them time to refresh and renew.

Since they don't have to worry about individualized scaffolding for each struggling student, teachers can focus on making classroom instruction as effective as possible, which may further help students recover some of the learning they have lost.

Online tutoring is one of the most effective evidence-based interventions

Online tutoring is an often-overlooked resource that has the potential to transform student learning and fill in support gaps.

With students and teachers struggling to meet their goals in the aftermath of the pandemic, online tutoring can provide a tailored academic support solution that will help students overcome learning challenges and excel in the classroom.

Pear Deck Tutor partners with K-12 schools across the country to enable educators to face academic recovery head-on. Contact us today to give all your students the best chance at recouping unfinished learning and thrive during the upcoming school year!


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