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September 22, 2020

Four Ways to Assign Online Assessments Through Google Classroom

Many teachers enjoy using Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) to create learning tasks such as assignments or assessments, as well as Google Classroom to manage their class and communicate with students. These two education technology tools are popular together because they make delivering and evaluating student progress easier than ever.

What makes Pear Assessment ideal for Google Classroom users is that you can find, create, or customize learning tasks such as lessons, assignments, assessments, and more. The ability to pick from 50+ question types, re-use questions, auto-grade, and track mastery of learning standards makes way for a plethora of use cases. Then, once you have your learning task or assessment ready to go, you can assign directly to Google Classroom so students simply need to click the link and begin! No need to sign into another app.

To get started using Google Classroom and Pear Assessment together, you'll want to start by syncing your accounts in the Manage Class tab of Pear Assessment. You'll have the option to sync everything or create and sync a few classes. You can also copy and paste Google usernames to get your students added.

Once your students are uploaded, ready to go, and you have your plan and due date in line, there are several ways to assign from Pear Assessment.

1) Auto-send all assignments to Google Classroom

Go to your profile page, scroll down to the bottom, and turn on the toggle so everything you assign goes directly to Google Classroom. If you don't plan to have your students log in directly to Pear Assessment, and you are certain you'll want everything to go to Classroom, this is the option for you.

Autoshare assignments with Google Classroom

2) Share with Google Classroom button

Once you assign an assessment to your students, you'll land on a page that has some sharing options. Near the bottom, you'll find a button that will share the assignment to Google Classroom.

Share with Google Classroom

3) Sync from the Live Class Board

If you aren't using auto-sync, and you missed the sync button immediately after assigning the assessment, it's not too late to share your assessment with Google Classroom. Sync with Google Classroom from the Live Class Board. Find the three-dot menu in the upper right corner, and send your assessment over with the Google Classroom button in the dropdown menu.

Hint: If you can't see the option, make sure your browser window is the full width of your screen. If it's too small, the button may be cut off.

Sync with Google Classroom

4) Copy and paste the link into Google Classroom

If you want to manually copy and paste the assessment link into Google Classroom, grab the assessment link from the landing page (available immediately after you assign). Then paste the link into a post on Google Classroom.

Note: With option 4, grades don't sync automatically. You have to add them.

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