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December 12, 2023

Enhancing Assessments with Test Sections

Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) continues to innovate and enhance the assessment experience for educators and students alike. We're excited to introduce a suite of new features, each designed to streamline the test creation process and enrich the overall testing experience. 

These updates reflect our commitment to providing tools that not only facilitate efficient assessment management but also contribute to a more engaging and comprehensive learning environment.

Add sections to a test

Test authors can now create test sections and configure section settings, such as making a calculator available in one section, for tests in Pear Assessment.

Teachers and administrators love Pear Assessment  for its ability to build student testing confidence by practicing tests using the interface they will see when they log in for state testing. With the addition of test sections, district administrators can better configure common assessments to mirror the state testing experience.

This feature can be found in the "Manage Section" tab in the test authoring flow and is available on Enterprise plans.

Discover engaging media on every subject

In Fall 2023, we released Video Quiz, a video-based assessment format to help teachers create engaging assessments by turning their favorite educational YouTube videos into interactive formative assessments or homework.

Don’t have your favorite educational video bookmarked? Looking for a new perspective on a topic you’ve already covered? You can now search YouTube for videos within Pear Assessment.

This feature is only available to users with the Video Quiz add-on. Navigate to your subscription settings to add Video Quiz to your plan.

Add audio to questions

Question authors now have an easier way to add audio files to questions with a new enhancement.

Whether you want an audio file to be reference material for a question or simply include your own voice-over of question instructions, question authors can now use the edit toolbar to add audio.

Simply select the “Insert Audio” button in the toolbar when building a new item. Authors can either upload a .mp3 audio file or record using their built-in microphone.

This feature is now available for Teacher Premium and Enterprise users.

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