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Designing a Constructive Web of Support for New and Returning College Students

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Ensuring a successful transition from high school to college is crucial for students' academic success. In this webinar for higher education leaders, presenter Mackey Pendergrast, GoGuardian’s Subject Matter Expert for Superintendents and a former superintendent himself, shares his insights and research into how colleges can create a web of support to meet the needs of their students and increase retention and graduation rates. Drawing from his extensive experience in the field, Pendergrast leads an insightful conversation where you'll learn:

  • a deeper understanding of the research and current state of college retention and graduation rates
  • actionable steps to increase retention and graduation rates, including focusing on math, reading, writing, self-efficacy competencies, and metacognition skills
  • how technology and tutoring can be leveraged to build a supportive web for students

Thanks for joining us! For a written recap of the session content, check out this blog post. To learn even more about TutorMe for Higher Education, get started here. If you have questions or would like more information, please contact us at partners@tutorme.com.


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