We’re now Pear Deck Learning!

Around-the-clock office hours? Check.

We partner with higher education institutions and departments to expand their learning support programs. Our award-winning online tutoring solution connects students with highly qualified tutors for one-on-one support in a wide range of subjects.
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Top-notch tutoring that becomes students' first choice

Partnering with Pear Deck Tutor signals to current and prospective students that you’re committed to their success — and that you’re on the cutting edge of providing technology and resources supporting that commitment.

Colleges and universities trust Pear Deck Tutor

Founded on a college campus, we’ve learned a lot since our first higher ed partner in 2015. We continue to develop our platform in lockstep with academia’s ever-evolving priorities.
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The Pear Deck Tutor platform is designed for collaboration — from the ability to screen share or connect face-to-face through opt-in audio and video, to our interactive whiteboards.

Our award-winning Lesson Space includes a robust tool set, like a code editor, scientific calculator, and more. The modern, user-friendly interface makes Pear Deck Tutor a resource students love.

Our asynchronous Writing Lab delivers detailed feedback on writing assignments within hours. This helps students hone their writing skills and polish their papers, scholarship applications, essays, or research briefs before they submit them.

We seamlessly integrate with any LMS and provide industry-leading technical support to all parties. Our Customer Success team will help you fold Pear Deck Tutor into existing support programs and generate excitement and usage among students.

High-impact tutoring backed by research

Pear Deck Tutor provides high quality academic support to your students at scale. Pear Deck Tutor has cultivated a community of tutors who have past educational experience and have demonstrated a mastery of their selected subjects.

The thousands of tutors accessible on our platform are comprised of certified teachers, advanced-degree holders, industry professionals, and other subject-matter experts. Pear Deck Tutor uses evidence-based learning strategies, and our logic model outlines the learning science, and the Pear Deck Tutor RAISE approach puts it into action.

RAISE - Rapport-building, Assess prior knowledge, Individualize instruction, Summarize learning, Encouragement.
“The Pear Deck Tutor team has been excellent to work with...They have been responsive to any question, concern, or request made of them. The team has worked to continually upgrade its capabilities.”
Dr. Belinda T. Lee, Assistant Director of Tutoring
Tennessee State University