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January 23, 2024

Unlocking Collaborative Math Practice with Pear Practice

Pear Practice makes the grade

Are you ready to unlock collaborative math practice in your classroom? Meet Nicole Rogers, a dedicated third through fifth-grade math teacher at St. Katherine Drexel Academy in San Diego, California. In an exciting webinar hosted by Loyola Marymount University’s iDEAL Institute, Nicole delved into the transformative power of Pear Practice (formerly Giant Steps), a gamified digital learning experience designed for student collaboration and independent practice.

Pear Practice has been a key part of Nicole’s teaching repertoire since undergoing blended learning certification in 2018. The core philosophy behind Pear Practice aligns with Nicole's mantra: "Practice makes progress." In her session, she emphasizes the significance of repetitive practice in mastering math concepts, particularly focusing on multiplication facts for third-grade students.

The beauty of Pear Practice lies in its ability to turn math practice into a collaborative and engaging experience. Students work together in groups, fostering teamwork and breaking down barriers among diverse learners. Nicole highlights the joy of seeing unexpected pairs collaborate successfully, fostering a positive and inclusive learning environment.

One standout feature is the customization element. Pear Practice allows students to create avatars, providing a fun and personalized touch to the learning experience. Nicole shares the enthusiasm her students express, stating they learn multiplication because they get to design their avatars – a win-win for any teacher.

The tool's real-time data collection is a game-changer for educators. Nicole shares how the insights help her make on-the-fly adjustments to her lesson plans, ensuring each student receives tailored instruction. This adaptability is crucial for effective differentiation during small group activities as well as blended learning.


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