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July 31, 2023

How Teachers Use Pear Assessment to Engage Students in Learning

The anticipation of the new school year brings with it the promise of fresh beginnings, new teaching strategies, and the excitement of working with students in novel ways. It also brings new opportunities for teachers to use Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) to engage students in learning.

This year, we're shining a spotlight on some of the educators who've harnessed the power of Pear Assessment to revolutionize their classrooms to engage students in learning and take ownership of their own education journeys. 

Using data for differentiation

Differentiation has always been a hallmark of effective teaching, but with the rise of educational technology, teachers are now more equipped than ever to cater to individual student needs. Pear Assessment's features have provided educators with the tools to truly personalize learning.

“After receiving my Pear Assessment Coach Certification, I used Pear Assessment to scaffold my lessons, tests, and remedial work. My students' scores rose dramatically. The Live Class Board is a necessity when assigning spiral review. By adding links to further explain ideas and concepts along with videos and additional reading passages, I can be certain my students get the review or the challenge they need.”

– Landrie Bock, American Literature and Composition: British Literature and Composition: English 2 Literature and Composition, Grades 10-12, Cairo High School , Georgia

“I have converted all my brain warm-ups (bell ringers) using SnapQuiz in Pear Assessment. Each day, students walk into my classroom, open their computers, sign into Pear Assessment, and navigate to that week's brain warm-ups. I have eight different levels of brain warm-ups and assign them to the students based on their current instructional reading level. Every student is practicing the same reading skill and strategies, but at their own level. The students have no idea they are all individualized, because everyone is going to the same place and doing the same activity, but I am meeting each student at their level. The students use the save and exit feature so  they can return the next day and complete the next brain warm-up. Then on Friday they are able to submit. I have also built in that they can check their answers one time each day. By doing this, it allows the students to receive instant feedback. I can also watch their progress on the Live Class Board. This has changed the way I teach for the better!”

 – Amanda Hilt, Literature, Grades 5-8, Unity Point School, Illinois

Shining a light on student data

When students can visualize and understand their progress, it empowers them to take charge of their learning journey. The data-driven capabilities of Pear Assessment are helping educators and students alike in this endeavor.

“We have been using Pear Assessment to encourage students to review their performance on Pear Assessment assessments, identify areas of weakness, and revisit corresponding instructional materials. Students have started to become owners of their learning!” 

Stephanie Howell, Tech Coach, Grades 5-8, Pickerington Middle School, Ohio

Boosting student engagement

Student engagement is the cornerstone of effective learning. Through the interactive and tech-enhanced features of Pear Assessment, educators are finding creative ways to keep students involved and eager.

“I use Pear Assessment for weekly assessments and daily exit tickets. Students enjoy using their devices and the tech enhanced questions to show what they know. It also prepares them for state testing, so they are comfortable with the format. I love the instant feedback and ability to address student concerns at the moment.” 

Brandie Schroeder, Science/Social Studies/Math/ELA, Grade 5, Central Elementary School, Indiana

As we usher in a new school year, the stories shared by these dedicated educators infuse us with hope and excitement for the opportunities ahead. Their successes with Pear Assessment are not just theirs, but a beacon for all educators seeking to make a difference.

Every classroom story is a beacon of inspiration to another educator out there. As you navigate the school year with Pear Assessment by your side, we'd love to hear about your journey.


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