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September 11, 2019

5th Grade Tests on Standards Mastery

Are you an educator looking for 5th grade tests, or formative or summative assessments to check your students’ standards mastery? Pear Assessment (formerly Edulastic) is a free digital assessment platform with a library of assessments and items you can use with your students. With carefully created assessments, 5th grade students and teachers can ensure they are on the same page of understanding.

Want to create a custom assessment? No problem. With over 30 question types and standards tracking, you can easily design and deliver robust 5th grade tests. With digital assessment, educators can include tech-enhanced items and save time with autograde technology that offers instant insights and reports. With the results from these tests, you can quickly adjust instruction as needed and model your future lesson plans accordingly.

Below we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite 5th grade tests you can use in your classroom to check for understanding. It’s a win-win for students and teachers. Your students will love the interactive design, and you will love the real time data and standards aligned questions that help track student progress.

More and more educators choose Pear Assessment as their digital assessment tool because of the value it adds to their classroom. From science and math to english and social studies, you’ll find a variety of featured assessment below. Whether you are looking for 5th grade tests, exit tickets, a quiz game, or to simply engage students in a different way, Pear Assessment has you covered for all of your testing needs. 

Browse the featured 5th grade tests below and get inspiration, assign one to your class, or edit any portion of the assessments to create quizzes that best fit the needs of your students. If you are new to Pear Assessment, you can sign up for your free teacher account and get started from there.

5th grade tests for every subject

Math assessments

Algebra: Patterns and Graphing

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Multiply Fractions - Test

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Geometry and Volume Quiz

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Order of Operations and Rounding

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English Language Arts assessments

Migration of Monarch Butterflies

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Spelling Practice


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Verb Tense Set 1


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Commas in a Series


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Science assessments

Matter and its Interactions

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Life Science

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Physical Science


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Earth Science Set 1


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Social Studies assessments

Roots of Democracy

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Conflict and Consensus

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Mixed Practice

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Civics and Government

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Custom online 5th grade tests

Can't find the subject or topic you are looking for? There are over 25,000 assessments to choose from in the Pear Assessment Public Assessment Library. After logging into Pear Assessment, you can browse for assessments or questions by keyword, grade, subject, standard, DoK, and more. Remember to take the assessment yourself before assigning your students. That way you can ensure you've covered all the content you're asking students to share, and it allows you to double check that the assessment is crafted to your liking.

If you are someone who likes to write or create your own custom assessments, Pear Assessment offers a variety of formative assessment tools for creating robust assessments. Plus the process is easy and intuitive. Choose from choosing from over 30 question types including multiple choice, drag and drop, open response, classification, graphing, and more. Plus, you can easily add multimedia, embed code or simulations, and can stylize your questions with the text editor.

Insights from other 5th grade teachers

Many teachers across the country use digital assessment to fill their 5th grade test needs. Learn from the point of view of 5th Grade Teacher Shea Stehm who have found these digital assessments a great resource for their classrooms.

"After trying a myriad of online assessment programs, I had an epiphany," recalls Stehm. "My idea was a website where there would be an online question bank and teachers could pick from the bank of questions to develop their own assessments based on the needs of their students. Shortly after, I found Pear Assessment beat me to it."

Stehm was happy to find an assessment program that allowed him as a teacher to create his own assessments or pull from an assessment bank. "The cherry on top was the real time data tracker. Amazing!" says Stehm.


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