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Safer Internet Day


At Pear Deck, we know that educational resources about online safety are incredibly important. We rounded up our best resources for digital citizenship to help you prepare for Safer Internet Day on February 7, 2023!


Be Internet Awesome

Google’s Be Internet Awesome is a free digital citizenship curriculum with everything teachers need to help kids learn to be safe, more confident explorers of the online world. Pear Deck educators worked with Google to create custom, interactive presentations to accompany the Be Internet Awesome lessons.

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Special DigCit Event

In celebration of Safer Internet Day, Pear Deck trainer Amber Trout led us through a Pear Deck tutorial followed by a guide to the Be Internet Awesome digital citizenship curriculum and activities! Check out the free recorded webinar for a hands-on Be Internet Awesome training.

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Digital citizenship for teachers & caregivers

Dr. Elizabeth Milovidov is an international speaker, author, and consultant on internet safety, digital parenting, and digital family wellness. Here, she discusses strengthening the partnership between teachers and caregivers in order to educate digital citizens.

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Blog Post

Raising and educating digital citizens

“It’s essential that children and young people (as well as their parents, caregivers, teachers, and educators) have the critical understanding necessary to confront the challenges posed by digital technologies and internet, as well as to benefit from a wide range of its opportunities.”

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Talking with Kids for Safer Internet Day!

We handed over the microphone to six kids at Pear Deck HQ and asked them about their online knowledge.

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Be Internet Awesome

Be Internet Awesome Curriculum

We partnered with Google on Be Internet Awesome, a free curriculum with digital citizenship resources, interactive lessons and games, and more.

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Be Internet Awesome Badge

Earn a Pear Deck achievement badge by presenting a Be Internet Awesome digital citizenship lesson to your students.

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