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Resources for Mental Health Awareness Month — and Every Day

During the month of May, Pear Deck shines a brighter light on mental health awareness, but it’s always a good time to refresh your knowledge about the best ways to help your students (and yourself!) manage stress throughout the year. Taking time to help students identify, process, and share their feelings can help ease anxiety and prepare them for the future.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite blogs and templates created with mental health experts and educators to help you create learning environments where students can be open and honest about how they are feeling.

Supporting student mental health

  • Back to Basics: Checking the Emotional Pulse of Students: Creating a safe space for students to find joy in learning new things and express themselves has always been of great importance to educators. Checking in on students’ emotional pulse is vital to ensuring education stokes wonder and makes them feel heard, especially in today’s classrooms.
  • 6 Ways to Get Secondary Students Invested In Social Emotional Learning: Educators are working hard to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of all students. At times, getting middle and high school students to participate in social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons can be difficult. They might be shy or not see the benefit of such lessons. Here are practical strategies that can make lessons more engaging and impactful.
  • Helping Students Create Healthy Relationships: Now more than ever, it’s vital to provide opportunities for students to build powerful bonds with classmates, teachers, counselors, and others. Discover how you can empower students to strengthen skills like empathy, integrity, and bravery.
  • Celebrating Student Success At the End of the Year: Cheering on your pupils is key to improving their self-esteem. Pull out the party poppers and start prepping your shout-outs. Special education teacher Christina Ramsay’s blog contains great ideas to help you celebrate even the smallest wins.
  • Refining Our Campus Culture: SEL Is Not Extra, It's Essential: Encouraging a classroom environment of respect and growth isn’t optional — it’s crucial. Rebekah Kmieciak, a social-emotional behavior coach, provides practices and actionable advice for creating a place where students feel like they belong and can grow.

Especially for educators

  • Career-Sustaining Behaviors for Educational Leaders: Teachers need self-care, too! Former Superintendent Dr. C.J. Huff provides guidance on keeping up with physical, family, and spiritual care to ensure you aren’t neglecting these important aspects of life while nurturing others.

Pear Deck templates for social emotional learning and mental health


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