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Peardagogy: Methods and Practices of Teaching with Pear Deck

Best Practices: Math Decks

So many students scorn math at an early age. They decide “I’m not a math person,” or “I can’t do math.” How do we encourage the kind of curiosity, risk-taking, and exploration that drove Einstein to stick with the hard problems?

3 Benefits of Letting Students Present

There are many reasons to put students in the role of teacher; when a student has a skill or understanding that another doesn’t, figuring out how to explain what they know reinforces the learning for that student while helping them build empathy for others.

Inaction as Teaching Tool

When Helping Students Means Doing Nothing

Highlight Misconceptions to Deepen Learning

Once you are getting students fully engaged and participating in your material, there’s a new challenge: how to quickly sift through their thoughts and ideas to find the things you need to address.

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